WHEELMEN TO MEET IN RELAY - San Francisco Chronicle - September 23, 1906

From Wooljersey


A Fifty-Mile Race to Be Contested Next Week on Alameda Track.

One week from to-day the first big bicycle race since the disaster will be held. It will be a fifty-mile relay for the J. W. Leavitt trophy. The race will be held on the track at Alameda.

Four of the leading clubs about the bay have signified their intention of entering teams in the competition, and with this idea in view the riders have been putting in all of their spare time for training. The clubs that will be represented are: New Century Wheelmen, Central City Wheelmen, Oakland Wheelmen and Bay City Wheelmen. The crack team of the Garden City Wheelmen will not compete, nor will thy California Cycling Club. The latter organization has disbanded since the disaster and the majority of the crack riders are now enrolled with the other clubs.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold their final try-out to-day at Alameda for the purpose of selecting the riders to represent the club. In the try-out of this club last week A. Daggett made the best time for the five miles in 12:09. Among the other riders who will try for places on the team are F. McLaughlin, George Cushman, Dave Cushman, George Wagner, Tony Silva and Jim Garrett.

The New Century team will probably be composed of the following riders: Percy Lawrence, C. Schiller, G. McGrath, M. Sullivan, D. McWhirter and A. Carl. Among those who will be on the Oakland team are H. Hancock, W. Lucio, S. McTighe, C. Nelson and Don Trego. Four of the riders who will in all probability represent the Central City Club are H. Goertze, J. Cunningham, M. Hodgkins and C. Wyatt.

Each club will be represented by six riders and each man will cover eight and one-third miles.

The Bay City Wheelmen are now comfortably settled in their new quarters and a reunion of the members is scheduled for the latter part of next month, when a smoker will be held at the clubhouse. The country home of the Bay City Club at Grand View, above San Rafael, will be completed about the end of November, at which time a big run will be held to that place.

This club is contemplating forming a motorcycle annex. The motorcycle game is getting mere popular every day, and this would no doubt be a good addition.

The San Francisco Motorcycle Club, which was in such a flourishing condition just previous to the fire, will resume its regular meeting nights in the near future. Probably but few runs will be held, however, until after the rainy season is at an end.

The annual election of directors took place at the Bay City Club Thursday night, the following being chosen: L. M. Bauman, Harry White, B. C. Windsor, Harry Cushman, W. A. Louis, R. Dunlop and J. M. Salazar. These will meet in the near future and elect officers to serve for the coming year.