WHEEL WHIRLS. - Oakland Tribune - August 13, 1890

From Wooljersey


Some Notes of Interest to the Local Wheelmen.

It is said that there will be no entrance fee charged for the coming twenty-five mile road race that is to be run on the "Triangle" on September 8th.

Bicycling seems to be booming in Alameda. Many ladies may be seen daily on their wheels, and in the evening dozens of young men practice on Central avenue.

The Bay City Wheelmen have incorporated and a lot for the new club house will be purchased at once.

All the country roads are in poor condition at present, and the sooner a little rain falls the better for the wheelmen.

Messrs. Flint, Goodhue, Seaver and Thibault were seen on the road to Claremont on Saturday last.

Last Sunday the Alameda Bicycle Club divided, some members went to Haywards and some to Milpitas.

George P. Wetmore and Sanford Plummer are touring through the Southern part of the State.

Quite a number of San Francisco wheelmen passed through Oakland on their way to Haywards on Sunday morning last.

The programme of the eleventh annual meet of the League of American Wheelmen, which will be held at Niagara Falls, on the 25th, 26th, and 27th inst., has been received by the members of the California division. It is very neatly gotten up, and the following races will be run: One mile, ordinary, and one mile, safety, for novices; one mile, safety, and one mile, ordinary, for three minute class; one mile, ordinary, and one mile, safety, handicap (100 yards limit), one-quarter mile, safety, one-quarter mile, ordinary, one mile, safety, one mile, ordinary, open; one-half mile, safety; one mile team race; one half mile, ordinary; one mile, tandem, open.

Mr. Gracey intends participating in a run to Petaluma in a few days.

Messrs. Seaver, Pollard, and Flint took a run to Piedmont Springs and vicinity on Tuesday afternoon last.

The annual race meeting of the Montreal, Can., Bicycle Club will take place at the grounds of the Montreal A. A. A. on Saturday afternoon, August 30th.

Messrs. Stervident and Chappellet took a run to Golden Gate on Saturday afternoon last.

The Hotel Creliin has been appointed the League Hotel of Oakland.

Messrs. Lamory, McCord, and Picard participated in a run to Haywards on Sunday last.

The road to Alameda via Fruit Vale is at present in a very poor condition for bicycling.