BICYCLE RUN. - A GOOD RECORD. - Oakland Tribune, 12 Oct 1885

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The Bay City wheelmen took a run of eight miles through the park in San Francisco yesterday. A number of Oakland wheelmen were in line.


The following is a record made by R. H. Magill, Jr., and W. W. Haralson yesterday, on a trip over mountain roads. "D" signifies departure and "ar" arrival:

Livermore, d. 10:30, A. M.; Mission San Jose, ar. 12:40, d. 2:15. P. M.; Centreville, ar. 2:45, d. 3 P. M.; Alvarado, ar. 3:10, d. 4:15 P. M.; Mt. Eden, ar. 4:45, d. 4:45 P. M; San Lorenzo, ar. 5:15, d. 5:20 P. M.; San Leandro, ar. 5:35 P. M. Total distance covered, 43 miles; actual riding time, 4 hours and 43 minutes.