Robert H. Magill, Jr.

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Robert Henry Magill 14 May 1866 – 4 February 1946

brother of Fred Magill


R. H. Magill, Jr., met with quite a serious accident last week. During the return trip home from Fitchburg on his bicycle, Bob ran into a stump, and, the consequence took what cyclists term a "header.” It dislocated his right arm at the elbow, but thanks to the doctor's care he is recovering fast.

Oakland Tribune, 01 Jun 1885

Bob Magill Has a New Girl.

It seems as if fate is against Bob Magill, says the Alameda Argus. Every time he gets a new girl he invariably takes a "header" from his bicycle. Three times this has occurred, and thrice has he bowed his manly form in the dust. We don't know whether in his exaltation he gets reckless, or whether it is the blindness of love, but all the same he does it. The other day, coming from Haywards, he again performed the spread-eagle act with the usual result. He now wears his arm in a sling and takes his meals from off the mantel shelf.

Oakland Tribune, 18 Aug 1886

A peculiarity of this Club is that it has no constitution or by-laws to wrangle over. Moreover, it has no "dues," as there are no expenses. Whenever there is a "run" or picnic the members "chip in " whatever they like and pay the bill. The plan works most successfully. The Club uniform is dark blue, with navy cap. The Oakland Wheelmen are officered as follows: President, Charles G. Yale; Captain, W. J. Bowman; First Lieutenant, L. A. Kelly, Jr. ; Second Lieutenant, J. W. Stanford; Treasurer and Secretary, R. H. Magill, Jr. The remaining members are: Geo. H. Strong, Wm. H. Lowden, B. Callingham, C. L. Goddard, C. L. Leonard, J. H. McConnell, W. C. Gibbs, Chas. Burkhalter, Edmund O'Neill, John Rabe, Mark Requa, De Lancy Stone, W. H. Taylor, G. D. Abbott, Emile Collins, H. O. Tenney, J. R. Mauran, R. R. Fread, F. H. Bertean, W. W. Haralson, J. H. Hopkins, A. Cary, Sumner Dubois, E. W. Thompson, L. J. Field, Lewis Sears, A. H. Rachling, Charles Krytser, J. D. Arkinson, E. R. Hinkley and J. Langotroth. The Oakland Ramblers is an offshoot from the Wheelmen, started this last Summer, and is chiefly composed of younger members, who thought their seniors too old-fogyish and branched out to do more riding and racing. They have a blue knit uniform, with gray shirts.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

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