W. W. Haralson

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William Walter Haralson - 1 May 1863 – 16 February 1934


The following is a record made by R. H. Magill, Jr., and W. W. Haralson yesterday, on a trip over mountain roads. "D" signifies departure and "ar" arrival:

Livermore, d. 10:30, A. M.; Mission San Jose, ar. 12:40, d. 2:15. P. M.; Centreville, ar. 2:45, d. 3 P. M.; Alvarado, ar. 3:10, d. 4:15 P. M.; Mt. Eden, ar. 4:45, d. 4:45 P. M; San Lorenzo, ar. 5:15, d. 5:20 P. M.; San Leandro, ar. 5:35 P. M. Total distance covered, 43 miles; actual riding time, 4 hours and 43 minutes.

BICYCLE RUN. - A GOOD RECORD. - Oakland Tribune, 12 Oct 1885

W. D. Haralson, after a nine months' sojourn in Alabama, has returned to California.

Oakland Tribune, 19 Jun 1886

A peculiarity of this Club is that it has no constitution or by-laws to wrangle over. Moreover, it has no "dues," as there are no expenses. Whenever there is a "run" or picnic the members "chip in " whatever they like and pay the bill. The plan works most successfully. The Club uniform is dark blue, with navy cap. The Oakland Wheelmen are officered as follows: President, Charles G. Yale; Captain, W. J. Bowman; First Lieutenant, L. A. Kelly, Jr. ; Second Lieutenant, J. W. Stanford; Treasurer and Secretary, R. H. Magill, Jr. The remaining members are: Geo. H. Strong, Wm. H. Lowden, B. Callingham, C. L. Goddard, C. L. Leonard, J. H. McConnell, W. C. Gibbs, Chas. Burkhalter, Edmund O'Neill, John Rabe, Mark Requa, De Lancy Stone, W. H. Taylor, G. D. Abbott, Emile Collins, H. O. Tenney, J. R. Mauran, R. R. Fread, F. H. Bertean, W. W. Haralson, J. H. Hopkins, A. Cary, Sumner Dubois, E. W. Thompson, L. J. Field, Lewis Sears, A. H. Rachling, Charles Krytser, J. D. Arkinson, E. R. Hinkley and J. Langotroth. The Oakland Ramblers is an offshoot from the Wheelmen, started this last Summer, and is chiefly composed of younger members, who thought their seniors too old-fogyish and branched out to do more riding and racing. They have a blue knit uniform, with gray shirts.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

After the arrival at the starting point the line moved out Golden Gate avenue and through the park, where a photograph was taken of the procession to the Bay District track. Over 1,000 spectators gathered in the stands, club house and along the track, and the liveliest interest was manifested in the races, which began at 12:30. The opening race, the one mile novice, was won by F. E. Browning, after a sharp contest, in 3:05 3-5, with D. W. Donnelly of the San Mateo Wheelmen second and R. A. Smyth third. In this race W. W. Haralson of the Oakland Ramblers took a header at the third quarter while on the lead, but his injuries were slight. In the three mile national championship there were four entries, S. F. Booth Jr. and F. D. Elwell of the Bay City Wheelmen, F. E. Olds of Los Angeles and C. A. Biederman of this city. This was a close contest between Elwell and Booth, but the former won in 9:46 3-5, with Booth a good second and Biederman third.

ON WHEELS. - A Great Day for California Bicycles - Winners of Races - The San Francisco Examiner, 10 Sep 1886

A New Bicycle Club.

Another bicycle club has been organized in this city with the following membership: R. H. Magill, L. A. Kelly, Guy C. Earl, C. A. Beiderman, A. S. Ireland, C. L. Tisdale, W. W. Harrison, F. H. Blum, Robert Edgar and A. J. Bowman. The first meeting of the club will be held next Wednesday evening. This club is not organized for shape, but for endurance. It comprises those hardy members of existing clubs who delight to plow the San Leandro road - the veterans who are not afraid to make the trip from Oakland to San Jose and back again between sunrise and gloaming. They are distance riders, who have taken "headers.” They are men who scorn everything in the shape of a tricycle, except an automatic tandem with a pretty girl on the front seat. They are organizing for records, and they intend to get there just the same.

A New Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 21 Sep 1886

Last evening the following bicycle riders met in the Hall of Records for the purpose of organizing a new bicycle club in Oakland: Guy Earl, C. L. Tisdale, Robert Edgar, R. H. Magill, Jr., L. Sears, W. W. Haralson, W. J. Bowman, L. A. Kelly, Jr., Charles Biederman, Frank Blinn, Julias Lutgen, Alex. Ireland and J. D. Arkison. An election of officers resulted in the following choice: President, Guy Earl; Vice-President, C. L. Tisdale; Secretary and Treasurer, Robert Edgar. Road Officers - R. H. Magill, Jr., Captain, and L. Sears, Lieutenant. A uniform was adopted, which consists of dark shoes, navy-blue knit pants and coat with initial letters of club on coat-collar, white flannel shirt with blue trimmings and black helmet.

CYCLISTS. - Election of Officers of a New Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 23 Sep 1886

Quite a number of wheelmen were in Haywards and San Leandro yesterday, among the number being Magill, Biederman, Ireland the poet, Sears, Haralson and Robinson.


Chief Consul Welch has assigned the election of a representative to the league members on this side of the bay. There is but one candidate so far, W. W. Haralson, who is an enthusiastic cyclist, and a man well fitted for the position. Every league member should vote for him.

THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 11 Oct 1886

Arrangements are about completed for the twenty-five mile road race. There will be entries from San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and San Jose. The B. C. W. will be represented by Elwell Browning and a dark horse who is said to be an excellent rider. The Oakland Ramblers will have Ireland, Sears and Haralson to contend for them, and the other two cities will have able representatives. The course is what is familiarly known to the boys as the "triangle," below San Leandro. This race will occur on Thanksgiving.

THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 08 Nov 1886

The preparations for the twenty-five-mile road-race have been completed, and the race cannot but prove one of the greatest ever run on this coast. The Ramblers of this city have charge of it. The racers will start at 11 A. M. from a point seven-eighths of a mile from San Leandro, from thence to San Lorenzo, thence to Haywards and back to San Leandro. This triangle will be traversed three times to give the required distance, and finish at San Leandro. The Bay City Wheelmen, of San Francisco, have entered as their team Mess's. Elwell, Adcock and Booth; the San Francisco Bicycle Club's team will consist of Messrs. Larzelere, Letcher and Griffin; the San Mateo Wheelmen enter Knapp, Donnelly and Reed; the Capital Citys, of Sacramento, will send down Cook, Toll and Breuner; and the Oakland Ramblers will be represented by W. W. Haralson, of Fitchburg, A. J. Rosborough and A. S. Ireland, of Highland Park. Barring accidents, it is anticipated that Elwell will win.


The names of W. W. Haralson, of Oakland, and S. F. Booth, Jr., of San Francisco, have been sent to President Beckwith of the L. A. W. for appointment as the two additional representatives to which California is now entitled.

BICYCLING. - Oakland Tribune, 22 Nov 1886

The twenty-five mile bicycle road race to San Leandro was participated in by W. H. Haralson, A. S. Ireland and A. Roseborough of the Oakland Ramblers; L. R. Larzelere, O. F. Giffin and B. Letcher of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, and F. Elwell, S. F. Booth and A. Adcock of the Bay City Wheelmen. The race was won by Elwell of the Bay City Wheelmen in one 1 hour thirty-seven minutes two and seven-eighths seconds. He was followed closely by Larzelere, who made the distance in one hour thirty-seven minutes and three and one-quarter seconds. After these came in order Adcock, Ireland, Booth and Giffin. Haralson and Roseborough having made headers drew out. The trophy for the winner was an elegant silver water pitcher.

The Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Examiner, 26 Nov 1886

Haralson, who hailed from Fitchburg, was a reckless rider, and when taking part in any race was always sure of a header or some other accident.

ON THE ROAD. A Contribution From an Old Time Biker. - Oakland Tribune, 26 Jun 1889

W. W. Haralson, who held forth on the San Leandro road, is seen no more.

WHEEL WHIRLS. - Oakland Tribune, 26 Mar 1890