California Division, League of American Wheelmen

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Annual race meet of the North California Division, League of American Wheelmen

The State Wheelmen.

The members of the League of American Wheelmen met Thursday night at the clubrooms of the Bay City Wheelmen to form a State division of the league and elect officers. The names put in nomination for the office of Chief Consul were Edward [Edwin] Mohrig and R. M. Welch. The latter was elected. T. E. Haslett [P. E. Haslett] of Alameda was elected Secretary Treasurer. A committee of five, composed of the following gentlemen: T. L. Hill, E. Moore, F. R. Cook, F. E. Walsh and M. A. Bley, was elected to draft by-laws and regulations for the State division.

The State Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 20 Feb 1886