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Edwin Mohrig - BIRTH 1863 • Chicago, Cook, Illinois - DEATH 6 APR 1913 • San Francisco Co., California

Husband of Emily (Stuart) Mohrig


"Papa" "Pop"


Chief Consul, California Division, League of American Wheelmen

The Bay City Wheelmen's Club has been organised with the following officers: President, E. Mohrig; Vice President, George F. Day; Captain, R. F. Cook; Secretary, W. J. Munro; First Lieutenant, George Butler; Second Lieutenant, S. F. Booth; Bugler, Thomas Hill. The club has already taken a couple of runs.

'Cyclistic. - Founding of Bay City Wheelmen - San Francisco Chronicle, 23 Sep 1884

Mrs. E. Mohrig is the first California lady to join the L. A. W.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 25 Oct 1886

E. Mohrig, accompanied by his wife, intended to leave here Saturday on his tandem for San Jose. They were to visit the various points of interest in the city of long-legged riders and were to return on Tuesday, but the rain interfered and they did not go.

The Bicycle Sports. - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Nov 1886

Among the latter is the club of the Bay City Wheelmen, which was organized September 1, 1884, with the following officers: Edwin Mohrig, President; George F. Day, Vice-President; F. R. Cook, Captain; S. F. Booth Jr., First Lieutenant; George Butler, Second Lieutenant, and Thomas L. Hill, Bugler.



Edward [Edwin] Mohrig, or "Papa" Mohrig, as he is better known, is one of the veteran riders of the Coast. He commenced under the guidance of F. T. Merrill in 1878. As a road rider he has no equal, no trip being too long nor too hard. As a racer he has won a number of prizes. His first race was in the old Mechanics' Pavilion. The prize, a silver cup, was won by a gentleman named Fitzgerald. He was the organizer of the club and its first President, and has always taken the liveliest interest in its affairs. He is known personally to the majority of riders throughout the State, and his recent election to the office of Chief Consul of the California Division, L. A. W., attests the high esteem in which he is held by its members.


George R. Butler, the club's photographer, is also a veteran, and the hero of many long rides. In company with Mohrig he made the round trip to San Jose, his brother being the first to accomplish the ride and his trip being the next. He is a regular member of the commissary and does great execution with his camera; in fact, a club run would not be complete without Butler and his camera.

BAY CITY WHEELMEN, Well-Known Athletes Who Travel Around on Wheels. - The San Francisco Examiner, Oct 14, 1888

Mrs. Edwin Mohrig has the honor of being the first lady bicyclist on the coast. With very little practice she has mastered the mount and dismount, and is now able to handle the machine very gracefully and quite skillfully. It is to be hoped that other ladies will follow her example and discard the heavy tricycle for the lighter and much more comfortable machine.

To the Summit of Mount Diablo by Wheel. - Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Apr 1889


Chief Consul Mohrig and wife of San Francisco, Charles C. Moore and wife of Stockton and S. H. Knapp of San Francisco were out riding last evening over the asphalt streets. Mrs. Mohrig rides a ladies' bicycle, and manages it with rare grace, aud she presents a very pretty sight mounted on her two-wheeler. Last evening the entire party was the cynosure of all eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Moore rode a tandem, while the other gentlemen rode safeties. Mrs. Mohrig is the first lady to ride the ladies' cycle in Los Angeles.

30 May 1889, Thu The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California) Newspapers.com

Ex-Chief Consul Mohrig has received his first pneumatic tire safety.

Frank Waller sets the 25-mile record, rides from Oakland to top of Mount Hamilton and back - June, 1891

Edwin Mohrig and Robert M. Welch started for a century run yesterday morning in order to get a bar for their "Century Club" badges.

Not a run, but rather a "climb and coast" - Mon, Nov 16, 1891, Page 3, San Francisco Chronicle

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mohrig of San Francisco arrived in Stockton Saturday, having ridden up on their bicycles. They left this forenoon for Sacramento, and will return to San Francisco by way of Benicia. Mrs. Mohrig was the first lady rider in California, and she takes many long tours awheel with her husband. Mr. Mohrig is one of the pioneers of 'cycling on the coast and is known everywhere as "Papa." He is the proprietor of five "cycleries" in as many different towns of California.

The Evening Mail, Stockton, California · Monday, April 25, 1892

The first so-called championship race was held in December, 1878, in the Mechanics' Pavilion. The race was for one mile, and was won by E. D. Woodman in 4 minutes, 53 seconds. On the same day the five-mile championship was won by Fitzgerald. In November of the same year there was a three days' meet, without rest, which was won by H. C. Eggers, who covered a distance of 523 miles. Fred T. Merrill finished second, and A. A. Bennett came in third. Although Mr. Eggers won some five hundred dollars as his first prize, he was too true a sportsman to accept it, and the entire amount was devoted to charity. The track was six laps to the mile, and being inclined toward Mission Street, was unsafe. The machines ridden were heavy affairs, with plain bearings, and short, straight handles, — far removed from the light, graceful easy-running wheels of today. There is a story told that, during this meet, Edwin Mohrig, who was in the five-mile championship, stopped in the middle of the race to roll up his trousers, which were continually being caught in the spokes of his wheel.

The Wheel in California, Overland Monthly Vol. XXII July - December 1893

The Never Sweat Cycling Club will take a four days' trip through Lake County, starting Friday, September 3, and following the same route traversed by them with such joy about a month ago. The club is composed of members of the Cycle Board of Trade, and those who will probably compose the party will be President J. S. Conwell, Secretary James M. Hamilton, R. C. Lennie, Edwin Mohrig, W. J. Kenney and Joseph A. Ostendorf.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

Then the "club" resort was had. On December 13, 1878, a club was formed known as the San Francisco Bicycle Club, which was the first organization of its kind on the Coast, and the second in the whole United States. Among the members were Governor George C. Perkins, Colonel Ralph de Clairmont, Judge Kerrigan, George H. Strong, G. Loring Cunningham, F. G. Blinn, J. G. Golby, George Hobe, Robert M. Welch, Charles L. Barrett, F. C. Merrill, (maybe F. T. Merrill) E. Mohrig. F. E. Osbourne, Charles C. Moore, Fred Russ Cook, Herman C. Eggers, Frank D. Elwell and many others.

When San Francisco Was Teaching America to Ride a Bicycle - Sun, Feb 26, 1905 - Page 5 - San Francisco Chronicle

It is planned to hold a special race for old-timers, including Walter Foster, Orlando Stevens, Charles S. Howard, George Fuller, George Kroetz, J. H. Nash, J. W. Leavitt, Ed. Mohrig and Tom Spillane.

BICYCLE DAY AT THE STADIUM NEXT SUNDAY Sun, Feb 20, 1916 – Page 53 · San Francisco Chronicle

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