John Breuner

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His father, John Breuner founded Breuners Home Furnishings.

John D Breuner - 1868–1932 - BIRTH ABT 1868 • California - DEATH 13 NOV 1932 • San Francisco, California


A quarter of a mile dash was next, Hood, of San Francisco, and John Breuner, of Sacramento, being the competitors. The Sacramento young man had everything his own way, leading from the start and finishing thirty feet in advance of Hood.


John Breuner and Charles Mier, both of Sacramento, were the only contestants in the three-mile race. They both kept well together until the draw gate in the last mile was reached, when Breuner made a spurt and crossed the line a few feet ahead of Mier. Time, 14:29.

THE SILENT STEED. - Some Interesting Bicycle Contests at the Driving Park. - Outing Cycling Club - The Sacramento Bee, 19 Sep 1887

The next race was a two-mile handicap. The starters were: E. A. Biederman of San Francisco, H. G. Toll of Sacramento and Fred Hood of San Francisco. Hood won the race, Biederman second, Toll third. The next was a quarter-mile dash and the starters were: John Breuner of Sacramento and Hood of San Francisco. Sacramento won by thirty teet. The next was scratch between Toll and Biederman. The latter won. Time, 4:06.

John Breuner and Thomas Mix [missing text?] Sacramento were the only contestants in the three-mile race. Breuner won. Time, 14:29.

THE STATE FAIR - Bicycle races at the Driving Park - San Francisco Chronicle, 20 Sep 1887

The club has always had representatives at the racemeets throughout the State who have always held their own. On September 15, 1886, at the races given by the State Agricultural Society, H. G. Toil and John Breuner came out with flying colors.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - A Brief Sketch of the Capitol City Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Call, Aug 22, 1892