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Milton Maggini 11 April 1880 – December 1971

Brother of P. Maggini and L. Maggini


  • Mike
  • Moike


Garden City Wheelmen

George A. Graham, one of the Garden City wheelmen boys, is going to Ingleside races today and will enter in the two mile handicap. Among the other G. C. W. boys who are going are: P. Sontheimer, M. Maggini, C. Hardin, H. Lord, Ben Murphy, F. Schemmel and V. Humburg.

Ingleside Races. - San Jose Mercury-news, 22 August 1904

Left to right, standing, W. Chaboya, J. Berryessa, B. Murphy, C. Burnett, W. C. Wiable, Carl Showalter. Sitting, P. Maggini, [They omitted L. Maggini. - MF] Jack Dermody (captain), M. Maggini (manager), M. Grey, R. Dieffenbacker, and the Morrill Cup won in hundred mile relay

Garden City Wheelmen World Famous. - San Jose Mercury-news, 6 September 1906

Captain "Moike" Maggini led the bunch; and, as no one cared to pay a fine, they did not ride ahead of him. Arriving in Centerville at 10 20 o'clock, the wheelmen immediately carried out their program of athletic events.


The match race between Charlie Roberts and Captain Moike Maggini "brought down the house." Many small sums were wagered on this race, and as both men had never ridden a race before, nobody was sure which would finish first. Maggini might have won, but when he neared the finish he shut his teeth and also his eyes with the intensity of the effort which he placed in the sprint. The blind effort carried him off the road into the dust and Charlie Roberts won sitting up, while the crowd went off into a paroxysm of mirth over Maggini's unfortunate finish.

Umpire Is Mobbed.

After dinner two baseball teams were selected, one captained by Levi Maggini and the other by Frank Hodges. The former aggregation won by the score of 7 to 5, Moike Maggini umpired the game and very unsatisfactorily. Both teams, however, accepted his rulings, but after the contest all eighteen players started after him and gave him a good-natured but rough mobbing in which his sweater was torn to pieces.

"Misfortunes seldom come singly." quoted Moike Maggini before the day was over, for a short time after the mobbing a mass of bees which swarmed on a building in Centerville fell and struck him on the head and shoulders. Fortunately, Maggini is not blessed with a superabundance of hair, and the insects did not become entangled in his locks, but slid to the ground. However, some of them remained long enough to produce a painful swelling on the very crest of his cranium.

WHEELMEN'S RUN IS ONE ROUND OF FUN - San Jose Mercury-news, 7 October 1907

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