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John Willis Dermody February 1864 – 20 December 1942


Garden City Wheelmen


[Jack is middle, middle row. - MF]

Coach with Cycling Team - History San Jose Photographic Collection

SAN JOSE, Cal., Sept. 25. — At the annual meeting of the Garden City cyclers last evening the reports of the various officers showed the organization to be in a prosperous condition, with a membership of 350. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, H. M. N. Spring; vice-president, S. G. Tompkins; financial secretary, H. A. Alexander; recording secretary, George Pollard; directors — A. C. McKenney, George Anderson, Henry Lion, J. A. Chase, Joe Delmas; captain, J. B. Carey; first lieutenant, Joe Edwards; second lieutenant, W. J. O'Brien; bugler, L. E. Whiting; color-bearer, Jack Dermody.

GARDEN CITY CYCLERS. - They Are Prosperous and Elect Officers for Next Year. - The San Francisco Call, 26 Sep 1895

Allan Jones and D. E. Whitman have been on the ground for several days, and last night Otto Ziegler, the Coast champion, accompanied by Hardy Downing, John E. Wing and trainer John Dermody left for the north. They will accompany President A. P. Swain of the California Associated Clubs, who will also have in his party Percy R. Mott, one of the fastest amateurs on the Coast.

CYCLE RACING MEN ON OREGON PATHS. - Otto Ziegler and Other Flyers to Be Seen in Competition in the Northwest. - The San Francisco Examiner, 12 Aug 1897

First row from left to right: L. Maggini, A. Owen and W. Waibel. Second row: Emile Agraz, Carl Marty, Captain Dermoody, M. Grey and W. Dieffenbacher. Third row: J. Buick, P. Maggini and J. Berryessa. Photo by Hill.

CYCLISTS WILL GATHER AT HAYWARDS FOR BIG RACE - San Jose Mercury-news, 26 April 1903

Top row, reading from left to right - Murphy, C. Limberg, H. Lowe, Agraz. Middle row - Berryessa, Deiffenbacher, Captain Dermoody, Waibel, P. Maggini. Bottom row - Peterson and Grey.
-Photo by Hill.


THE annual 100-mile relay race around the bay is but five days off. Judging from the showing made by the Garden City Wheelmen in the past, they will probably carry off the honors Sunday. Captain Dermody has selected the following 10 men to represent the local wheelmen Sunday: J. Berryessa, R. Diefenbacher, S. Maggini, C. Showalter, P. Maggini, B. Murphy, W. Waible, Merle Grey, C. Burnett and W. Chaboya. All these youngsters have had previous experience in road racing. Many are known as being among the fastest amateurs on this coast.

Wheelmen About the Bay Preparing for Big Relay Race Sunday. - San Jose Mercury-news, Volume LXVIII, Number 111, 10 May 1905

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