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Livio Maggini 17 October 1883 – 13 June 1945

Brother of P. Maggini and M. Maggini




Garden City Wheelmen

First row from left to right: L. Maggini, A. Owen and W. Waibel. Second row: Emile Agraz, Carl Marty, Captain Dermoody, M. Grey and W. Dieffenbacher. Third row: J. Buick, P. Maggini and J. Berryessa. Photo by Hill.

CYCLISTS WILL GATHER AT HAYWARDS FOR BIG RACE - San Jose Mercury-news, 26 April 1903

L. Maggini made the record ride of the day. He covered his ten miles in 26 minutes, gaining two minutes and 45 seconds on his pursuers. He put the packet in Burnett's hands. The latter rode his first relay yesterday and made a great showing. He widened the distance between himself and his pursuers and when he finished in front of the rose carnival pavilion on the Alameda he was five minutes and 30 seconds in the lead. The New Centuries were second and the Bay City and Oakland Wheelmen were fourth. The California Cyclers were 11 minutes in the rear.


Fourth relay - L. Maggini (G. C. W.), 11:01: Hodkins (N. C. W.), 11:03:45: McNally (B. C. W.), 11:05; Hurst (O. W.), 11:05: 12.

LOCAL WHEELMEN ARE CHAMPIONS - San Jose Mercury-news, 9 May 1904

Top row, reading from left to right — Chaboya, P. Maggini, Burnett, Beuck, J. Berryessa. Bottom row — W. Waibel, Murphy, L. Maggini, Peterson, Dieffenbacher.
Photo by Hill.
[I believe they've got P. Maggini and L. Maggini backwards. - MF]


Among those of the home boys who have signified their intention to make the trip are C. Marty, George H. Kelley, W. H. Sontheimer, N. C. Mahon, J. W. Dermody, V. Humburg, B. H. Franklin, Cleon H. Lord, P. M. Edwards, E. L. Peterson, G. Reidy, R. G. Stich, H. Semmon, George Gorman, Will Moore, Will Maggini, Burdette Sanders, Gus Belloli, Emile J. Belloli, Sherwood Rogers, F. Ontiveros, Mark Lord, P. Maggini, Ben Murphy, F. P. Schemmel, Homer Lowe, E. H. Edwards, L. Nomandin, C. E. Miller, W. R. Suelly, Carl Showalter, Willie Diefenbacher, S. Hill, Merle Gray, L. Maggini and H. Hardon.

OAKLANDS VS. GARDEN CITYS IN RELAY RACE ON SUNDAY - San Jose Mercury-news, 2 September 1904

A COW who evidently thought Livio Maggini's gally colored racing suit had designs on the life of her newly born calf aided him in getting across the tape first in the handicap bicycle race held yesterday by the Garden City Wheelmen over the East San Jose 5-mile course.

Maggini and "Fat" Bryant started in the contest with a handicap of 1 minute and 15 seconds over Willie Chaboya and Charlie Chaboya, the "Evergreen Human Motors," who were in excellent shape for the contest, while the handicapped men were badly off color.

The Chaboya brothers rode themselves "all in" and half way around the course had almost overtaken the leaders. Then coming up King road a cow grazing by the roadside with a calf spied Maggini's and Bryant's pink and red racing suits. She put down her horns, stuck her tail straight up in the air and gave chase. Hearing the thudding of hoofs and an angry bellow behind them, Maggini and Bryant looked around - then they forgot that they were tired.

They also put down their heads and scorched. For a time it was nip and tuck, but after awhile when they dared to look around again the cow was nowhere to be seen - neither were the Chaboya brothers.

Nearing the tape Maggini unwound a long sprint and beat Bryant to the tape by half a length.

Thirty-five seconds later the Chaboyas flashed across the finish line one second apart, Charlie Chaboya, the younger, leading. Charlie's time for the five miles was 13:30 - very fast considering the very poor condition of the roads.

Ten minutes after the race had started a dozen sleepy bike riders appeared in East San Jose too late to start, for Captain Dermody was as good as his word and started the event promptly at 10 o'clock.

Charlie now leads in the club series of road races to determine the local "King of the Road." He had captured two of the gold bars offered for best time giving him a total of 10 points. Maggini and Inman each have 3 points to their credit.



ANGRY COW AIDS LIVIO MAGGINI WIN BIKE RACE - San Jose Mercury-news, 19 August 1907

After dinner two baseball teams were selected, one captained by Levi Maggini and the other by Frank Hodges. The former aggregation won by the score of 7 to 5, Moike Maggini umpired the game and very unsatisfactorily. Both teams, however, accepted his rulings, but after the contest all eighteen players started after him and gave him a good-natured but rough mobbing in which his sweater was torn to pieces.

WHEELMEN'S RUN IS ONE ROUND OF FUN - San Jose Mercury-news, 7 October 1907

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