The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 13 Jun 1887

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The Bicycle.

Biederman is by no means discouraged by the losing of the 5-mile race. He is now in training for the Santa Cruz races. He says he will race until he wins a championship.

The fact that Fred Cook may race at Santa Cruz will greatly increase the interest of the ride. The person who beats him, if any one can do that, must ride all the way to win.

The Alameda Scorchers will have a tent of their own at Santa Cruz and will be independent of any other club.

The track at Santa Cruz is a one mile, not a one-half mile, as a person at the league meeting in the early part of this year misinformed the members.

Captain Meeker has announced a picnic run to San Mateo on the 19th inst. for the Bay City Wheelmen. It is the intention of the road officers to make this the best run the club has ever had. Lunch will be spread on the beach, which is one of the finest swimming places on the coast. The water is of proper temperature and there is a fine sandy bottom. George Butler, the club photographer, will be on hand to place upon paper the well muscled forms of the Herculeses and Adonises of which the club is composed. This run is for club members only.

The Bay City Wheelmen received five applications for membership at the last meeting, one of which was from a St. Helena rider.

The Alameda Scorchers are in doubt as to what uniform to adopt. Why not try a racing jersey and a single-barreled eyeglass? This together with Captain Haslett's well known smile, would be light and comfortable.

The B. C. W. wishes to acknowledge the receipt of a clipping on "training" from some unknown friend. If he can send the name of the book from which it was copied he will confer a great favor.

The Bay City Wheelmen's Minstrel Company hope to be able to entertain their friends in the near future.

The all-absorbing topic of conversation among the riders is the meeting at Santa Cruz on July 4th. The most perfect arrangements are being made to entertain the visitors and insure to all a good time. A number of the riders leave here on Friday (the 1st) and intend to ride down on their wheels, although the greater portion will leave on the 8:30 train Saturday morning.

All noted humorists complain that they are much annoyed by persons who laugh at everything they say. Tom Hill of the Bay City Wheelmen is no exception to the rule. When he takes the floor at a club meeting to propose a bicycle quiz, or any novelty, the members smile audibly, much to his discomfiture: but as he usually has something interesting to say, they subside and let him finish his remarks.

Dr. Humphrey says "the person writing over the signature of 'Surgeon' in the L. A. W. Bulletin, should at least give the medical book that he copies all his articles from credit, and not take it all to himself."

Editor Bassett has added insult to injury by insinuating that California's proxies at the St. Louis meeting were cast out because the signatures were not in the representatives' handwriting.

B. H. Patrick of the San Francisco Bicycle Club went to Santa Cruz yesterday to make arrangements for the camp of his club during the League meet at that place July 4th. The camp will be on Beach Hill, just back of the Sea Beach House, arrangements having been made with the proprietor of that house to use the barn for storage of wheels, and also for furnishing accommodations for the ladies of the party.

It is the intention of the club to make their camp one of the features of the meet. Receptions will be had in the camp, and at night it will be illuminated with Chinese lanterns. It is expected the tents will be arranged to present a very pleasing appearance. Mr. Patrick has full charge of all arrangements, and is doing everything to make it a great success.

Mr. Gillette, author of "Held by the Enemy." who is at present sojourning in this city, is an enthusiastic bicyclist. He has his wheel with him, and may be seen in the park almost any morning. He rides a fifty-nine-inch machine.

The track at Santa Cruz is reported to be in fine condition and the best ever raced on in the State. Look out for time, as it will have to go that day.

From all accounts the mile L. A. W. State championship will bring together the best riders California has ever produced and promises to be a race the like of which has never taken place on this coast.

Woodworth of Los Angeles is to arrive at Santa Cruz during the coming week, where he will take up quarters and train for the races on the Fourth of July.

The slow race at Santa Cruz is creating quite a good deal of talk. A great many will enter thinking it easy work, but they will find out their mistake when the race is over.