B. H. Patrick

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Benjamin H. Patrick 1866 - 01 Jan 1945


San Francisco Bicycle Club

The San Francisco Bicycle Club held its annual dinner Tuesday evening. The following members were present: George J. Hobe, Harrison Houseworth, Charles A. McDonald, Chas. B. Wheaton, John W. Gibson, H. A. Greene, F. F. Osborn, Thomas Stevens, B. C. Austin Jr., Charles L. Davis, E. R. Dimond, M. Feintuch, C. P. Fonda, H. T. Gibbs, O. C. Haslett, A. F. Lawton, James A. White, A. M. Brown, Thomas S. Cobden, W. G. Davis, N. A. Givovich, B. Letcher, J. F. McCarthy, B. H. Patrick, George H. Strong, and H. M. Whitely. After dinner several songs were rendered by the San Francisco Bycicle quartet, consisting of B. C. Austin Jr., Charles B. Wheaton, A. M. Brown and Charles P. Fonda. The toast "Old Riders of '78 and '79” was responded to by H. C. Eggers: "Our Honored Guest" responded to by Thomas Stevens. Morris Feintuch read an original poem composed for the occasion. A. M. Brown addressed the party on the subject of the Alameda contingent, better known as the Alameda Scorchers, and created considerable merriment. Charles A. McDonald gave a selected reading and the party adjourned after singing "Auld Lang Syne."

THE BICYCLE CLUB DINNER. - The San Francisco Examiner, 20 Jan 1887

Mssrs. Patrick, Houseworth and Austin of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, accompanied by George Adams made the trip from San Rafael to Petaluma yesterday. They report the road in good condition and the weather quite warm.

The roads in the different directions are in better condition than they have been for couple of years, and it is surprising that more wheelmen are not taking advantage of them instead of using the park. Now is the time of the year to ride in the country, before the warm weather comes on and the roads begin to get cut up and dusty by heavy teaming.

Ben Patrick intends starting for a tour to San Luis Obispo about April 10th, through the Santa Clara and Salinas valleys. He intends to be gone about a week, returning by steamer.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Mar 1887

Chief Consul, Robert M. Welch; Representatives, John W. Gibson, J. D. Arkison, R. C. Woodworth, C. C. Moore, S. F. Booth Jr., B. H. Patrick; Secretary and Treasurer, Norval A. Robinson.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Apr 1888

Among the distinguished wheelmen present were: Captain Houseworth, Lieutenant McDonald, and Messrs. Greene, Patrick and C. L. and W. G. Davis of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, Captain Donnelly and Lieutenant Knapp of the San Mateo Wheelmen, Consul Radke of Santa Cruz and some Eastern visitors from the Genesee Bicycle Club of New York.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 May 1887

The following are the newly-appointed standing-committees of the division for the year 1887-88: Finance - R. M. Welch and N. A. Robinson ex-officio, and B. S. Patrick, all of San Francisco; Rights and Privileges - George H. Strong (chairman) Oakland, Harrison Houseworth and S. F. Booth, Jr., San Francisco: Racing Board - H. C. Finkler (chairman) San Francisco, R. C. Woodworth Los Angeles, A. S. Ireland, Jr., Oakland: Touring Board - J. W. Gibson (chairman and bookmaster) San Francisco, D. L. Thornton San Jose, Beverly Fletcher (tourmaster) San Francisco.


One-mile maiden - Fred Hood, J. Henderson, B. H. Patrick, Charles B. Wheaton.

Two-mile handicap - Alexander Ireland, J. Henderson, B. H. Patrick.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 23 May 1887

B. H. Patrick of the San Francisco Bicycle Club went to Santa Cruz yesterday to make arrangements for the camp of his club during the League meet at that place July 4th. The camp will be on Beach Hill, just back of the Sea Beach House, arrangements having been made with the proprietor of that house to use the barn for storage of wheels, and also for furnishing accommodations for the ladies of the party.

It is the intention of the club to make their camp one of the features of the meet. Receptions will be had in the camp, and at night it will be illuminated with Chinese lanterns. It is expected the tents will be arranged to present a very pleasing appearance. Mr. Patrick has full charge of all arrangements, and is doing everything to make it a great success.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 13 Jun 1887

R. M. Welch, B. H. Patrick and J. D. Ruggles Jr. start next Saturday for a tour of the southern counties. Messrs. Patrick and Ruggles will go as far as San Luis Obispo, and return by steamer. Mr. Welch will continue to Los Angeles. The late rain will put the roads in fine condition for touring.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 11 Apr 1887