WOMEN WHEEL RIDERS - The San Francisco Call, 08 Apr 1895

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Meeting of the Ladies' Cycling Club at San Jose.


Appointment of a Committee to Choose a Suitable Uniform for Members.
William Black Wins the Second Five-Mile Handicap Event at the East-Side Track.

SAN JOSE, CAL., April 7. - The Ladies' Cycling Club, at its recent election, elected the following officers: Miss Susan January, president: Mrs. William Alexander, vice-president; Mrs. Wilcox, secretary; Miss Celine Delmas, captain; Miss Grace Mckenney, first lieutenant; Miss Florita Pete, second lieutenant; Miss Edith Murgotten, bugler.

A committee has been appointed to select a suitable uniform.

The High School Bicycle Club held its second five-mile handicap race yesterday over the course in East San Jose. William Black, with a handicap of one and a quarter minutes, won the race, with S. Kooser second, and the rest came in in the order named: J. A. Belloli, J. Kusick, Roy Black and Roy Walters. The time was 16 min. 4 sec. A handsome gold medal is the prize contested for, and has to be won three times before it becomes the property of any rider.