'Cyclistic. - Founding of Bay City Wheelmen - San Francisco Chronicle, 23 Sep 1884

From Wooljersey


The Bay City Wheelmen's Club has been organised with the following officers: President, E. Mohrig; Vice President, George F. Day; Captain, R. F. Cook; Secretary, W. J. Munro; First Lieutenant, George Butler; Second Lieutenant, S. F. Booth; Bugler, Thomas Hill. The club has already taken a couple of runs.

'Cycling is as popular in some parts of Ireland as in England and many clubs are established, with regular meets and some pretty good records.

Philadelphia has four schools for teaching the use of the tricycle and bicycle and it is a common sight to see in the course of an afternoon dozens of riders on hired machines taking a run through Fairmount.

Why is the word bicycle like a cat blind with one eye? Because it has one i (eye) and c's (sees).

They must bare some crooked roads in Australia. It is reported from that far-off land that a cyclist riding rapidly, upon turning a sharp curve became aware that there was a machine, or at least the hind wheel of one, in front of him. Upon dismounting he found it was his own hind wheel.

An electric tricycle is being imported from England.

The Century for September contains an interesting article on tricycling from Coventry to Chester. It is handsomely illustrated by Joseph Pennell, an enthusiastic wheelman, and vindicates the usefulness of the wheel as an adjunct lo entertaining literature.