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The Bay City Wheelmen's Club has been organised with the following officers: President, E. Mohrig; Vice President, George F. Day; Captain, R. F. Cook; Secretary, W. J. Munro; First Lieutenant, George Butler; Second Lieutenant, S. F. Booth; Bugler, Thomas Hill. The club has already taken a couple of runs.

'Cyclistic. - Founding of Bay City Wheelmen - San Francisco Chronicle, 23 Sep 1884

The Bay City Wheelmen include the following gentlemen: H. S. Blood. S. F. Booth, Jr., F. R. Cook, C. L. Davis, G. F. Day, W. H. Day, John Ehlus, E. Fahrback, H. Houseworth, T. L. Hill, F. C. James, F. E. Johnson, Thos. Knight, J. A. Little, W. M. Meeker, Chas. McCulley, W. J. Munro, A. S. Neal, D. O'Callaghan, G. L. Payne, J. C. Quinn, H. Reaman, E. Rideout, W. Rideout, R. A. Smythe, C. J. Schuster, W. K. Slack, W. F. Sperbeck, H. C. Tenny, R. Little, Thos. Thornberg, Wm. Tietjen, Edward Mohrig, C. Thompson, F. E. Walsh, R. M. Welch, G. E. Dixon, P. E. Haslett, W. G. Davis, J. W. Lawlor, Sam Parsons, F. D. Elwell, Robt. Turner, W. G. Waters and C. Angel. To the young Rideout brothers belong the honor of being the first to make the Yosemite trip on bicycles.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

Among the latter is the club of the Bay City Wheelmen, which was organized September 1, 1884, with the following officers: Edwin Mohrig, President; George F. Day, Vice-President; F. R. Cook, Captain; S. F. Booth Jr., First Lieutenant; George Butler, Second Lieutenant, and Thomas L. Hill, Bugler.

BAY CITY WHEELMEN, Well-Known Athletes Who Travel Around on Wheels. - The San Francisco Examiner, Oct 14, 1888

The San Francisco Bicycle Club was organized December 13, 1878. Colonel Ralph de Clairmont was the first president, and other prominent members were Captain George H. Strong, ex-governor George C. Perkins, John B. Golly, William H. Fuller, G. L. Cunningham, Fred G. Glynn and C. L. Barrett. The club incorporated this year with the following board of eleven directors; L. D. Owens, H. S. Field, Thomas R. Knox, H. J. Foley. J. C Spencer, H. C. Massie, Thomas R. Cobden, George F. Day, Eugene Unger, Will I. Pixley and B. T. Edwards.

THEY ARE ONE NOW. - THE LEADING BICYCLE CLUBS AMALGAMATED. - The Pacific Road Club Merged With the San Francisco Bicycle Club. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Dec 1892

The Cycling Committee having in charge the parade consists of H. H. White, F. Day and H. F. Wynne. They have sent out the following circular:

STRIVING FOR GOOD STREETS. - The San Francisco Examiner - 22 May 1895

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