A. McDonald

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Arthur Louis McDonald 21 September 1881 – 18 June 1942




Garden City Wheelmen

Starting From the Left Are Lace Downing, A. McDonald and Burton Downing of the Garden City Wheelmen Who Will Compete in To-Day's Road Race.

WHEELMEN PREPARED FOR BIG ROAD RACE - The San Francisco Examiner, April 27, 1902

There are a number of San Jose people with the show, prominent among whom are Pat, better known as Arthur McDonald, and Maude Stewart, the former telephone girl, who is now the wife of Mr. McDonald. In conjunction with the four Avallons, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald and little Ida, the 12-year-old sister of Arthur McDonald, have a big bicycle number which they present upon the stage. Their work with the Avallons is entirely different from anything the McDonald troupe has ever performed in this city.

CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN; PARADE THIS MORNING - San Jose Mercury-news, 4 April 1907

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