BICYCLE TOURNAMENT. - Result of the Trials of Speed at San Jose Yesterday. - The San Francisco Examiner, 17 May 1885

From Wooljersey


Result of the Trials of Speed at San Jose Yesterday.

SAN JOSE, May 16. - The Bicycle Tournament, under the auspices of the Bay City Wheelmen of San Francisco and the Garden City Bicycle Club, opened at the Agricultural Park, in this city, this afternoon. There were forty wheelmen in the parade, representing San Francisco, Alameda county and Santa Clara county. At the park there were assembled about 500 spectators, a large proportion of them being of the fair sex. The races began at 2:30 P. M. The judges were J. Little of San Francisco, C. W. Wood of San Felipe and Emorey of San Jose. Referee, B. S. Benfamin of San Francisco; Timers, Lloyd Moultrie, George Reed and A. Lobe of San Jose.

The half-mile maiden race was entered by Walter Rideout of San Francisco, Al Hayman of San Jose, F. E. Shore of Hollister and Robert Tittle and George Payne of San Francisco. The race was decided in favor of Shore, but Tittle was close behind him and claimed the race on a foul. Time, 1:39.

A half-mile scratch race between F. R. Cook and S. F. Booth was won by Cook in 1:30-1/4, the victory being very easy.

The slow race was entered by Ernest Rideout of San Francisco, Martin Gibson of San Francisco, F. F. Woodford of San Jose, M. Berolzhime and T. L. Hill of San Francisco. The ride had to be made a second time on account of a misunderstanding. Woodford won in 2:36-3/4.

In the five-mile race the contestants were F. E. Johnston of San Francisco, H. S. Blood of Haywards, E. Davis and E. Thomas of San Jose. Johnston led from the start. The first mile was made in 3:13, and he won by two-fifths of a mile, in 17:42 3-5. The others came in in the order named.

Ernest Rideout gave a fancy exhibition to compete against C. J. Shuyster of San Francisco, who rides to-morrow. Rideout made seventeen points out of a possible 19.

The one-mile handicap was entered as follows: W. Meeker, scratch: T. L. Hill, 10 yards start; W. H. Woods, 25 yards; F. F. Woodford, 50 yards. Cook took the handicap medal, in 3:13 3-5; Hill second; Meeker third.

Fred R. Cook, the present long distance champion of the Coast, then rode to beat the best quarter-mile record, and succeeded in lowering the world's best amateur record in 37 3-5 seconds. The best previous record was made by George Handee of Springfield, Mass., who made the distance in 38 1-5 seconds, Cook had the wind in his favor.

The one-mile race without hurdles was easily won by Ed Mohrig. President of the Bay City Wheelmen, against M. Berolzhime of San Francisco, in 4:39.

The tournament races will be resumed this afternoon, when J. E. Gibson of San Jose will compete in a race against A. Mahon's trotting horse, and a number of long-distance races will take place.