BIKES, TRIKES, AND SAFETIES. - Oakland Tribune, 17 Oct 1888

From Wooljersey


Doings Among the Local Wheelmen

During the Past Week. Mr. Voosbergh of the Denver Social Wheelmen, is visiting in the city. He is not pleased with the roads, as he says they do not compare with the roads at Denver.

Will Miller, Frank Baker, J. and C. J. Lutgen, and J. D. Arkinson will leave for Mt. Hamilton Saturday afternoon after the road race. They will probably be joined by many others at San Leandro. All riders are invited to go along, and a good time is promised.

Ed Weidler and Charlie Heseman are too busy working to ride on week days, and on Sundays they are too tired.

The Safety is the most popular machine of all wheels. A. A. Bouton, who started on a hunting trip last week on his wheel with his gun strapped on his shoulders, states that he went where he would not have dared to go on a horse. It is impossible to take a header on a Safety, and for night and rough riding it is far superior to the ordinary bicycle.

The Alameda Scorchers are wearing a new uniform, consisting of white knit shirts, blue tights, black stockings, cap, and shoelets.

Why has not Oakland a bicycle club? There is a number of good riders here, and a fine club could be formed. Oakland has fine streets to ride on, and there is not another city of its size that has not a club.

On Saturday next at 4 o'clock there will be a ten mile race on the county road, commencing near San Lorenzo, passing through and finishing at San Leandro. This race is the last of a series of three for a beautiful trophy - a silver punch bowl - offered by the California Road Racing Association. The last two races were twenty-five miles, and were both won by the Bay City team. A team from the Oak Leaf Club of Stockton will also compete. The road was measured last Sunday, and is in fine condition. A good race is promised.

The Oak Leaf Club of Stockton has decided to hold a race meet on its track on Thanksgiving Day.

Frank Baker, the Brougaire boys, and others rode to Haywards last Saturday night and took part in the parade.

Harry Maxwell is often seen riding a Safety, though he says he likes an ordinary better. He is a good road rider, and his arm which was broken by a fall from his wheel is now as strong as ever.

A race with with Safeties between Fonda of San Francisco and Bouton of this city would be an interesting affair.

Three riders took a trip to Sunol last Sunday by way of Mission pass. They report good roads except for a couple of miles between Haywards and Niles, which is fearfully cut up. They returned through the canyon, and had to ford the creek three times.