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A cycling magazine in the 1890s, published in Chicago.

Of all the various Eastern cycling weeklies that reach us out here, Bearings prints the best coast news. S. B. Vincent is the local correspondent, and often has two or three columns weekly of very interesting reading matter. Vincent is considered one of the best class A men on the coast, and has a penchant for riding to San Jose and return on a Sunday, one hundred miles, "just for the exercise" as he expresses it.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 04 May 1895

The surprise of the week in cycling circles comes from the East, and is to the effect that the three leading cycle journals of Chicago - Bearings, Referee and Cycling Life - have given up the ghost. It seems almost impossible to believe, but is nevertheless the fact. They have been consolidated into one paper, which will be known as the Cycle Age, and will be devoted almost entirely to the trade, but a small portion being given over to the sport itself. "Well-Fed" Spooner will probably have to seek another vocation.

When it is remembered that Bearings paid to its owners, Van Sicklen and Barrett, both old-time racing men, $50,000 net during the year 1895, its decline can be quickly measured.

A QUIET WEEK IN CYCLING - The San Francisco Call - November 13, 1897

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