N. H. Van Sicklen

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Norton Harding Van Sicklen 9 February 1864 – 21 June 1932


Norton H. Van Sicklen had a long and varied career in both the bicycle and automobile industry of the United States. He rode his first penny-farthing bicycle in 1878 and, until 1886, he was a successful competitor in the track and road races that enjoyed great popularity during the bicycle crazes of the late 19th century. In 1886, he won the 10 Mile Championship of the League of American Wheelmen.[3] It was, however, after changing to the safety bicycle that he celebrated most success on the road. From 1889 onward he took several best times in high level road races.

Publishing and automobile industry

In 1890 he began the publication of the successful bicycle trade paper Bearings. In 1898, this paper was merged with two others to become Cycle Age under the management of Samuel A. Miles. Miles in 1899 established the automobile publication Motor Age, and Van Sicklen took this over in 1904. He continued publication of Motor Age until the disturbed period following the financial panic of 1907 and, in January 1908 sold it to Horace M. Swetland of the Class Journal Company.[1]


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