Burton Clarence Lund

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Acme Wheelmen

Burton C. Lund, the star wheelman of the Acme Club, who was recently defeated for the three-mile state championship by W. R. Lippset of San Jose, has challenged his conqueror again. Lund offers to put up a diamond of equal value with the medal won by Lipsett.

The San Francisco Call, 12 Jan 1892

The three-mile ordinary State championship is thought by many to be between W. R. Lipsett and Lund, but H. Smith and Marshall will not be far off at the finish.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Francisco Call, May 30, 1892

Mr. B. C. Lund, the speedy ordinary rider, has signified his intention of mounting a safety, and no doubt he will make the boys hustle if he rides the safety as he does the big wheel.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The Steady Growth of the New California Club. - Articles of Association of the Proposed Federation - The Enterprising Acmes - Sunday Runs - The San Francisco Call, 01 Aug 1892

B. C. Lund, who rides an "ordinary," has the State championships for two, three and five miles respectively...

HOME OF THE FAMOUS ACMES - Born in a barn and matured in a Chinese wash-house, the Acme Athletic Club - The San Francisco Examiner, 02 Dec 1893