CYCLERS WILL RACE AT THE GARDEN CITY - The San Francisco Call - March 04, 1899

From Wooljersey



McFarland and Gibson Matched for a Ten-Mile Spin - Long-Distance Men Will Do a Hundred.

Most of the cycle racers who have been competing in the indoor tournament here recently have gone to San Jose to prepare for a big race meeting to be held there to-day and to-morrow. An exceptionally fine list of events has been prepared, and as the San Jose track is roomy and conducive to great speed some good sport is expected. The two principal events will be a 10-mile match to-day between McFarland, the coast champion, and Harry Gibson of Cincinnati, and a 100-mile race to-morrow between the long-distance cracks. A large number of local wheelmen are going down to-day by train and wheel to see the races.

Charles W. Miller, the six-day champion, went East with his wife yesterday. Teddy Hale and Frank Alberts, long-distance men, will go to-day. The rest of the riders will stay to take part in the San Jose races.

The regular monthly meeting of the California Associated Cycling Clubs will be held this evening at 8 o'clock at room 562 Parrott building. The Kerrigan amendment to the local rider rule will come up for final action; also the pro- posed amendment of "Whiskers" Woodson of Sacramento to drop club memberships from the association entirely. The Woodson hallucination will receive a peremptory quietus, as have all the other dreamy suggestions emanating from the same source. It would mean the death of the C. A. C. C. in no time, as the clubs are the only means of keeping up interest in it, and without them its finish would be plainly discernable.

The fourteenth anniversay party of the Bay City Wheelmen, postponed from February 8, owing to the death of one of the members, will be held at the Palace Hotel Maple room on Wednesday evening, April 5. The invitations issued for the first date will be accepted on the new date, and no more will be issued, as the limit has been reached.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a members' meeting Thursday evening, March 9, to be followed by an impromptu smoker. The club will give its annual minstrel show in the later part of April. Captain Menne has called a club run for Camp Taylor on March 12.

The many friends of the well-known timer, Edwin E. Stoddard, will be pleased to learn of his recent good fortune, he having just been appointed exclusive Pacific Coast agent for the Victor line.

The track recently used in the Pavilion has been removed to the Olympic Club's outside grounds. The Olympic Club Wheelmen will have charge of the race-course and intend to hold a meet on it sometime in April.

H. Austin Goddard left the other evening on a visit to Cleveland, Ohio, and will be gone several weeks.

The marriage is announced of George L. Hall, a prominent member of the Bay City Wheelmen, and Miss Gussie Mayle of Berkeley. The happy couple are now receiving congratulations.

Chairman Loos of the Road Racing Board has set the date for the annual 25-mile road race for Sunday, March 19. A large entry list is expected and the usual valuable prizes will be offered. It will be held over the San Leandro triangle.