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Bay City Wheelmen

The following returned on the train, and of this number fifty-three completed the century: W. M. Meeker, in charge of the run; A. M. Thompson, [R. M. Thompson] G. P. Wetmore, F. R. Cook, T. L. Hill, E. C. Landis, F. W. Ray, A. E. McKinney, J. L Miller, J. F. C. Holroyd, C. Emler, G. A. Morrill, T. E. Bullivant, G. Sheller, H. A. Pogue, W. I. Gilmour, T. W. Gilmour, C. H. Bliss, E. S. Broadwater, R. Fairbanks, W. W. Needham, G. L. Kessling, J. A. Delmas, Hy Smith, J. Smith, F. Larder, A. Rivett, E. D. Woodman, O. Granicher, Y. D. Hensiel, A. A. Deesing, W. R. Lipsett, R. R. Martin, L. G. Hodgkins, A. E. J. Nye, H. C. Hyde, E. C. Toie, H. W. Spaulding, L. A. Connoy, W. G. Watchers, F. A. Leadbetter, J. A. McNamara, C. Lapson, J. B. Lamb, C. N. Langton, S. Lubin, C. W. Hammer, S. Plummer, A. D. Allen, J. G. Cox, W. E. Thompson, T. H. Doane, T. Stevenson, H. F. Wynne, L. S. Stewart, F. A. McGrew and R. A. Smyth. Of the wheels ridden forty three were "ordinary," or tall wheels, and ten were safeties.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 Jun 1890

Messrs. Thompson, Meeker, Doane, Wetmore, Hammer, Plummer, Knapp, Spaulding and Landis, of the Bay City Wheelmen, made a trip to the top of Mount Tamalpais on the 17th inst. The trip was pronounced the most enjoyable run of the season by all who were fortunate enough to reach the summit, where lunch was served at the “hidden spring” at noon.

Knapp and Hammer are the first who ever had their wheels crown the peak of Tamalpais, an achievement they may well be proud of, as the last half mile (where the others left their wheels) is covered with brush and loose rocks.

The San Francisco Call, 25 Aug 1890, Mon, Page 7 - WHEELMEN’S WHIRLS - Entries for the Twenty-five-mile Race. Trip to Tamalpais.

Ralph M. Thompson, ex-chief consul, was in the city during the week buying a stock of wheels for his establishment in Santa Cruz. The long experience of himself and partner, C. W. Hammer, as riders, should act as a good guide for them in selecting their wheels for sale.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 27 Apr 1891

Moonlight Rides.

Bicycle riders should take advantage of these beautiful nights and enjoy a ride around the Cliff road; wheels supplied at all hours. Ladies and gentlemen taught to ride in thirty minutes. THOMPSON & HAMMER. 3

Santa Cruz Sentinel Santa Cruz, California 16 Oct 1891, Fri • Page 3

The Pilot Wheelmen, an adjunct of the swell Pilot Club of Santa Cruz, are comparatively new in the cycling world, but have taken hold of this their initial race with a vim that promises good results. In their preparations the knowledge of an experienced hand is discernible, they having been directed by Ralph M. Thompson, now a resident of Santa Cruz, who was at one time president of the Bay City Wheelmen and chief consul of the California division, League of American Wheelmen. What he doesn't know about wheeling and race meets is hardly worth the learning, and he is ably assisted by his business partner, C. W. Hammer, also an old-time San Francisco wheelman.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 08 Jun 1895