Frederick W. Gibson

From Wooljersey

Fredrick William Gibson August 1865 – 21 July 1916

Brother of John W. Gibson


San Francisco Bicycle Club

By invitation of the Oakland Bicycle Club, the San Francisco Club visited this city yesterday to participate in the annual run and picnic of the Oakland Club. The latter met the San Francisco Club at West Oakland at ten o'clock, and the line being formed the wheels rolled through Chester, Center, Ninth, Campbell, Fourteenth, Peralta, Thirty-fourth streets and Telegraph avenue to the crossroads, where a halt of half an hour was made for rest, after which the run was resumed along Alcatraz, San Pablo, Caledonia and Telegraph avenues and Merrimac and Webster streets to Adams' Point, where an excellent lunch was furnished by the Oakland Club. After remaining about an hour here, the wheelmen ran down Webster to Twenty-second, to Alice, to Center, to Peralta, where Mr. Leonard, of the San Francisco Club, gave an exhibition of fancy riding, which astonished even old riders. They then went to the Olympic Club athletic grounds, where a number speeded around the track. They left in time for the San Francisco visitors to catch the four o'clock train for home. A collision between two of the wheels, on Alcatraz avenue capsized both riders, but inflicted no damage. Several photographers were on hand at Adams' Point, and took some excellent views of the cavalcade. The following Oakland bicyclists were present: G. W. Strong, Captain; W. Lowden, Lieutenant; C. Burkhalter, E. Booth, W. F. Booth, W. M. Bunker, W. C. Gibbs, C. G. Yale, E. A. Rix, Dr. Jno. Rabe, H. H. Hurst, J. Stovy, W. L. Pattiani, A. Jellison, W. J. Bowman, Al. Ricardo. The following members of the San Francisco Club were present: H. Lowdon, Captain; Charles Leonard, Lieutenant; A. M. Waschauer, M. Feintich, R. F. Verrinder, Dr. Winter, F. Gibson, J. Day, G. F. Rideout. H. L. Chambers, H. A. Greene.

THE BICYCLE RUN. - Oakland Tribune, 30 Apr 1883

Its present membership is as follows: Ralph de Clairmont, Herman C. Eggers, George J. Hobe, Chas. L. Leonard, Charles A. Butler, Columbus Waterhouse, Fred Waterhouse, Henry C. Finkler, Alfred H. Cables, John B. Martin, Henry London, James W. Kerr, Morris Feintuch, Frank A. McLaughlin, John W. Gibson, Robt. T. Verrinder, Henry L. Chambers, John C. Quinn, Geo. R. Butler, Henry R. Judah, J. W. Winter, Walter S. Kelley, Walter E. Slack, Harry A. Greene, Isaac Ehrenberg, James A. White, Frank A. Osborn, Jason W. Nash, James Sanderson, Frederick W. Gibson and John F. M. McCarthy. The Club uniform is neat and tasteful, consisting of a darkbrown Parole jacket, knee breeches and stockings, and black cap with visor. The Club colors are blue and white.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885