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Good Roads was an American magazine founded by the League of American Wheelmen, promoting road construction and improvement in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Publication History

Good Roads began in 1892. It was absorbed into the L.A.W. Bulletin in 1895, but re-emerged in 1901 as Good Roads Magazine, continuing the volume numbering of the L.A.W. magazine. It was taken over the E. L. Powers company in the early 1900s, who shifted the focus from cycling to construction and shortened the title back to Good Roads around 1910 and began a third series in 1911 that was originally a weekly series alongside the monthly series. Volumes returned to overall series numbering (numbered in the 60s) in the early 1920s. No issue or contribution copyright renewals were found for this serial. Good Roads ended in 1931, when it was absorbed by Roads and Streets.

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