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San Francisco Bicycle Club

Two members of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, Gus Mayer and Levitt H. Cox, enjoyed a delightful picturesque ride to San Mateo by way of Crystal Springs. The roads were quite rough, but nevertheless the riders managed to pull through after a tedious ride of three hours. The homeward trip was made in two hours.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1891

The century run to San Jose yesterday brought out some thirty odd wheelmen. The arrangements made by Messrs. Cox, Hodgkins and Col were most excellent, but the fact that most of the city riders have been over the road many a time before and fully realize what that head wind means may perhaps account for the small number of riders. The run left Twenty-first and Mission streets at 5:45 o'clock, breakfast at Redwood City at 8:12 and San Jose at 12:12. The actual riding time down was 5h. 18m.; coming back, 7h., L. G. Hodgkins and T. C. Dodge of the Bay Citys and A. Dietle being the first men in. The following is a list of the men and clubs on the run: The Bay City Wheelmen - L. G. Hodgkins (who managed the run), T. H. Doane, T. C. Dodge, J. G. Hecker, E. E. Stoddard, Charles Dietle, A. E. J. Nye, J. J. Hull, J. F. Brown Jr., A. M. Burns and W. B. Sperry.

San Francisco Bicycle Club - Thomas H. Cobden and Gus Mayer.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 01 Jun 1891