The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 01 Jun 1891

From Wooljersey

The Wheelmen.

At the twenty-five mile road race of the Alameda Bicycle Club, held on the San Leandro triangle on Decoration day, the records for California, and, in fact, for the United States, to use a common expression, just naturally were "not in it.” It had rained early in the morning, but notwithstanding the bad condition of the roads some 200 wheelmen met, and at about 10:45 o'clock the first start was made. The men got off in good style, running toward Hayward on the straight road, and turning to the right. At the end of the first lap the first starter, Williams, Alameda Bicycle Club, crossed the line first. The second lap saw Foster, Alameda Bicycle Club, traveling in splendid form first. This position he maintained to the finish, crossing the line in 1h., 25m. and 25s. Osen of the Garden City Wheelmen of San Jose pushed Foster hard here, almost lapping his rear wheel. This was a very pretty finish. Waller of the Oaklands came next, and so on to the end. The scratch men, Stoddard, Bay City Wheelmen, and Ives, Alameda Bicycle Club, made a good tussle, Ives getting the place about thirty feet in front of Stoddard. Waller got the time prize on a cushion-tire safety in 1h., 24m, and 57s., the best previous one being 1h. 26m. and a fraction.

A road race was to have been run in the East on the same day, where they are using pneumatic tires and where they may possibly reduce this time, though they will have to move pretty lively to do it.

The arrangements for timing the race were the only point of the entire affair not entirely successful. Only one man was taking the time, which he did no doubt correctly, but the man who was registering the times called, so it is claimed by Foster's friends, has made a mistake in his work, which will give the time medal to Foster, whom, we understand, has entered a protest to that effect. How it will be decided cannot be said.

Waller, the winner of the time medal, it is also claimed, is a professional racer. This may make it interesting.

The Alameda Club is to be congratulated on having given a most successful meet.

Needham, who won the last twenty-five-mile race of the Bay City Wheelmen, did not enter, though he was there as an on-looker. Osen was the only representative, and a first-class one he was, too, of the Garden City Wheelmen.

The century run to San Jose yesterday brought out some thirty odd wheelmen. The arrangements made by Messrs. Cox, Hodgkins and Col were most excellent, but the fact that most of the city riders have been over the road many a time before and fully realize what that head wind means may perhaps account for the small number of riders. The run left Twenty-first and Mission streets at 5:45 o'clock, breakfast at Redwood City at 8:12 and San Jose at 12:12. The actual riding time down was 5h. 18m.; coming back, 7h., L. G. Hodgkins and T. C. Dodge of the Bay Citys and A. Dietle being the first men in. The following is a list of the men and clubs on the run: The Bay City Wheelmen - L. G. Hodgkins (who managed the run), T. H. Doane, T. C. Dodge, J. G. Hecker, E. E. Stoddard, Charles Dietle, A. E. J. Nye, J. J. Hull, J. F. Brown Jr., A. M. Burns and W. B. Sperry.

San Francisco Bicycle Club - Thomas H. Cobden and Gus Mayer.

Hollister Cycling Club - E. J. Logan.

Unattached - A. Dietle, who was one of the freshest men at the finish, though a very young rider; R. Vandergow, M. Cavanagh, M. E. McGrew, N. P. Hansen, C. Hansen, C. T. Wright, L. G. Wakeman, D. S. Burkett, S. Lubin, C. L. Kilb; A. Desunone [Desimone?] of the Garden City Wheelmen rode to Redwood to meet the run. R. M. Thompson and C. W. Hammer of the Bay City Wheelmen rode through the mountains from Santa Cruz and met the run at San Jose.

Ex-Chief Consul Thompson is about to form a club of ladies and gentlemen in Santa Cruz as an adjunct of the Bay City Wheelmen, of which club both he and Mr. Hammer are active members.

A glance at the names of the prospective members shows that they are among the most prominent ladies of that pretty, town, Miss Amy Goodwin, Miss Terrill, Miss Miller, Miss Crane, Foster Young, Ryland Drennan, John Severin and Bailey Terrill.

Others who have recently learned to ride there are Miss de Lamster, Miss Scott, Miss Chase, Mrs. Crane and others. Long may the club live and prosper, as it is bound to with such members and the management of Mr. Thompson.

Ex-Chief Consul Mohrig has received his first pneumatic tire safety.

If for no other reason in the world the pneumatic tire ought to be a blessing to the wheelmen of San Francisco, because with it one can ride down the iron slot bar of the cable roads without bob-bobbing around as the wheelmen are now compelled to.

The record smashing of Saturday may be something of a criterion by which to judge the races at Stockton. With an almost perfect track, men in the pink of condition and any number of cushion and pneumatic tire wheels records will be - whist - "out of sight."

The cycling fever has got into musical circles, one of the latest converts to the wheel being Mr. Brown, one of Ovide Musin's celebrated orchestra. James Gallagher, a pianist, will probably learn during the coming week.