H. W. Spalding

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Henry Weld Spalding 22 May 1871, San Francisco - 4 Aug 1962 San Mateo




E. C. Landis and H. W. Spalding, also of the Bay Citys, enjoyed a ride on the Alameda side of the bay.

With the Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Jan 1891

H. W. Spalding and H. F. Terrill of the Bay City Wheelmen have just returned from a week's trip through the Santa Cruz mountains. The roads they report a trifle dusty, but nevertheless a most enjoyable trip was had.

THE CYCLING WORLD. - San Francisco Bicycle Club annexed by Olympic Cycling Annex - San Francisco Chronicle, 29 Jul 1893

Samuel Foltz was elected president and Ernest A. Helmore secretary, after which a constitution and by-laws were adopted. Ernest C. Stock was elected vice-president; Thomas F. Boyle, treasurer, and H. W. Spalding, captain. These officers, together with the president and secretary, will constitute the board of trustees.


At the close of the meeting a vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Trueworthy for his courtesy, and then Captain Spalding ordered an informal run to the Cliff. Twenty of those present answered, and forming into line made a splendid run through the Park to the beach and back.

"THE CALL" BICYCLE CLUB - It Was Organized With a Large Membership at the Park Cyclery. - The San Francisco Call, 26 Aug 1895