Harlow H. White

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Frank L. Hunter, the first lieutenant of the wheelmen, is satisfied to devote his energies almost exclusively to cycling, considering it the greatest of all sport. W. H. Haley, the second lieutenant, is perhaps the speediest rider in the club, and bids fair to develop into a great racing man. Lewis C. Hunter, the secretary of the wheelmen, is also secretary-treasurer of the California Associated Cycling Clubs, to which position he was elected at the meeting of the board of governors of the associated clubs held in this city on the 7th inst. Martin Espinosa, Edward Stack, J. A. R. Johnson, J. H. Ballin, O. A. Weihe, J. H. Dieckman Jr., F. L. Fuller, O. B. Burns, L. B. Thomas, H. C. Massie, L. H. Cox, W. R. Lovegrove, L. D. Owens, J. L. Fagothey, G. H. Stratton, S. G. Scovern, H. C Hahn, H. S. Russ, N. A. Robinson, J. M. Rogers, Henry Rogers, Harry Gibbs, J. W. Mullen, W. P. Fuller, T. C. Mastelller, Frank Twichell, Cress Unger and H. H. White are some of the prominent and active members of the wheelmen. Director J. R. McElroy is the presiding officer of the wheelmen, and represents them in the board of directors of the Olympic Club.

OLYMPIC CYCLISTS. Young Men Who Will Boom Wheeling. Some Reminiscences of the Sport. - Sat, Oct 14, 1893 - Page 10 - San Francisco Chronicle


The Cycling Committee having in charge the parade consists of H. H. White, F. Day and H. F. Wynne. They have sent out the following circular:

STRIVING FOR GOOD STREETS. - The San Francisco Examiner - 22 May 1895

A party, consisting of B. T. Edwards and L. H. Cox and H. H. White and S. G. Scovern, mounted on tandems, will leave this afternoon for a tandem trip to Newark, enjoying the hospitalities of the Etna Shooting Club, and in the morning riding over to enjoy the picnic at Niles.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle, 22 Jun 1895

The annual election of the Associated Clubs will be held Saturday evening, October 5, at the rooms of the California Cycling Club. H. H. White of the Olympics will undoubtedly secure the presidency and J. F. Hancock, the present secretary of the association, will unquestionably be reelected, as he is capable and efficient and represents a big club, the support of which he can depend upon to carry him through.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 28 Sep 1895

The following officials were in charge at the start and finish and in consequence everything at those points went off smoothly and without a hitch: Referee, Harlow H. White, president Associated Clubs; starter, John F. McGlynn, Olympic; clerk of course, Jules F. Hancock, Bay City; scorer, C. W. Prentiss, California; timers and judges - F. H. Kerrigan and George P. Wetmore, Bay City; Charles Albert Adams and H. D. Hadenfeldt, Olympic; J. J. B. Argenti, California; J. Catanich, Imperial; F. W. Sharp, Acme; W. E. Griffiths, Reliance; W. I. Pixley, San Francisco, and F. S. Hoyt, Alameda.

WELLS WON FOR THE BAY CITYS. - For the Second Time This Club Gets the Relay Cup. 100-mile relay race - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1896