Harrison Houseworth

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Harrison Houseworth


BIRTH 8 AUG 1863 • San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States

DEATH 15 SEP 1948 • San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States


At the semi-annual meeting of the Bay City Wheelmen the following were elected officers for the ensuing term: President, E. Mohrig; Vice-President S.F. Booth Jr.; Secretary, Thomas L. Hill]; Treasurer, W. E. Nachtrieb; Captain, F. R. Cook; First-Lieutenant, Charles L. Davis; Second-Lieutenant, H. Houseworth; Butler, W. F. Sperbeck.

Cyclistic - W. E. Nachtrieb - San Francisco Chronicle, 20 Jan 1885

The Bay City Wheelmen include the following gentlemen : H. S. Blood. S. F. Booth, Jr., F. B. Cook, C. L. Davis, G. F. Day, W. H. Day, John Ehlus, E. Fahrback, H. Houseworth, T. L. Hill, F. C. James, F. E. Johnson, Thos. Knight, J. A. Little, W. M. Meeker, Chas. McCulley, W. J. Monro, A. S. Neal, D. O'Callaghan, G. L. Payne, J. C. Quinn, H. Reaman, E. Rideout, W. Rideout, R. A. Smythe, C. J. Schuster, W. K. Slack, W. F. Sperbeck, H. C. Tenny, R. Little, Thos. Thornberg, Wm. Tietjen, Edward Mohrig, C. Thompson, F. E. Walsh, R. M. Welch, G. E. Dixon, P. E. Haslett, W. G. Davis, J. W. Lawlor, Sam Parsons, F. D. Elwell, Robt. Turner, W. G. Waters and C. Angel. To the young Rideout brothers belong the honor of being the first to make the Yosemite trip on bicycles.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

Yesterday morning, in the gray dusk of dawn, B. H. Patrick, H. A. Greene, Harrison Houseworth and John W. Gibson congregated on the wharf off which the City of Peking lay, to welcome Thomas Stevens home from his circuit of the world on the bicycle.

Thomas Stevens finishes his around-the-world bicycle journey in San Francisco, January 8, 1887.

A sub-committee of the Committee of Arrangements for the annual meet at Santa Cruz on July 4th next, visited that place on Saturday, the 12th inst, and were very hospitably entertained by Consul Radke. They found the citizens very anxious to have the wheelmen visit them on the 4th, and willing to offer every facility except in the matter of sleeping accommodations. These it was found impossible to secure from any of the hotels. A general meeting of the committee was held in this city on Thursday evening last, and a report received from the delegation sent to Santa Cruz. E. N. Radke of Santa Cruz, R. G. Bailey of San Jose and Harrison Houseworth and John W. Gibson of the San Francisco Bicycle Club were added to the committee. The plan of a three-days' camp at Santa Cruz is now being considered.


Houseworth and Letcher, of the San Franciscos, were to ride to Haywards through Redwood Canyon, yesterday, and a party of Bay Citys were to visit Bear Valley, Marin County.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Mar 1887

At a meeting held a few evenings ago at the San Francisco Bicycle Club, Captain Houseworth of the Committee of Arrangements for the league meet reported that no action had been taken, on account of the various subcommittees failing to report.


Captain Houseworth states that the San Franciscos will have a club run to Petaluma on Sunday, the 22d. The morning boat for San Rafael will be taken, and from there to Petaluma and return the distance will be traveled on wheel.

Wheeling. - The Columbia-square Wheelmen have organized - The San Francisco Examiner, 16 Apr 1888

THE QUAINT street car colony which some time ago Initiated the settlement of the sand hills fronting the ocean beach, near Wheelmen's Rest, has lately received an accession in the shape of a little clubhouse erected by a party of wheelmen, who several months ago rented one of the old Mission cars and used it for camping purposes after long and weary rides. They have now built a long "shack," to adopt their own parlance, over the car, thus incorporating it into the structure as a sort of glass front lounging-room and observatory. As it now stands It occupies the middle of a long, broad, sheltered veranda back of which are ranged three commodious sleeping apartments. a dainty little cooking-room, washroom and stowage loft for wheels. The building, which is constructed of common unfinished lumber, and is for the most part the work of amateur hands, is finished on the outside with building paper, and will be painted a dark red, while a nice effect is secured to the inside walls by lining them with discarded newspaper matrices, which are to be finished in harmonious tints. Here it is proposed to entertain gay little parties during the winter, while in summer it will offer an agreeable seaside resort. The gentlemen interested in the little clubhouse are W. H. Rhodes, son of "Caxton," the author; E. H. Bacon, editor of the Court Review; Rufus Childs, cashier of the Grangers' Business Association; Harrison Houseworth, the insurance broker; L. B. Edwards, the insurance manager, and his son-in-law H. C. Capewell. Three of these gentlemen are Benedicks and three are bachelors. Lady relatives will assist In the furnishing of the cottage and will share in the festivities.

WHEELMEN'S CLUBHOUSE NEAR THE OCEAN BEACH. - San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 30, 1898