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Imperial Cycling Club

The resignation of Charles W. Conger as captain of the Imperial Cycling Club has been handed in. James S. Egan [John S. Egan] or E. C. Douglas may succeed him as captain.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - Track to Be Used in the Tournament. - A Matter of Interest to Racers. - San Francisco Chronicle, 19 Jan 1895

John S. Eagan [Egan] and George J. Panario of the Imperial Cycling Club are the first wheelmen in Northern California, if not for the whole West, to ride 100 miles in one day.

The two young road riders left the corner of Octavia and Page streets at 7 o'clock last Sunday morning and rode through the Mission to the San Bruno road, which they found so muddy that they had to walk nearly all the way to Sierra Point, carrying their wheels on their shoulders.

From Sierra Point the road was pretty rideable, and the flume across the marsh was a great help, though broken glass at two points made dismounts necessary. Beyond to Uncle Tom's Cabin the road was passable, but from there on to San Mateo much walking was necessary. Then the road was fine to Redwood City.

Beyond Redwood City two miles of fresh gravel made bicycle-riding impossible. Good riding again developed to Mountain View. From there to Santa Clara there was only about a mile of walking. Messrs. Egan and Panario got lost at Santa Clara and went part way to Los Gatos before being directed back to the Alameda and into San Jose, which was reached at 2 o'clock. Dinner and an hour's rest was indulged in at San Jose. At about 4 o'clock the return trip was begun. A stop for supper was made at Niles and Oakland was reached at about 9 o'clock, thus doing the century inside of the fourteen-hour limit of the Century Cycling Club of America.

CYCLING UP TO DATE. - Two Local Riders Make the First Century of the Year. - The San Francisco Examiner, 30 Jan 1895

Messrs. Egan, Tommereg, McCarthy, Wegener and Conger, of the Imperial Club, have been appointed as a committee to look for a new course to hold the club's next road race on, as the riders are dissatisfied with the San Leandro course.

CYCLING - The Twenty-five Mile Road Race Will Be Run Next Sunday. - Elwell track Mechanics' Pavilion tournament - The San Francisco Call, 24 Feb 1895