James Searle

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James John Searle 7 July 1855 – 8 June 1945.


San Francisco Bicycle Club

During the latter part of next month James Searle another member of the club, will essay the long trip of 100 miles, from this city to South San Juan, in Monterey county, expecting to be only four days on the road.

A BICYCLE MEET. - A Ride Over the Point Lobos Road Yesterday. - San Francisco Chronicle - December 26, 1878

The bronze dogs were awarded to R. Searle for winning the one-mile bicycle race in the announced time of 4 minutes 51 3/4 seconds. Mr. Searle feeling that the time had been incorrectly announced, repeated in 3:49.

ATHLETIC SPORTS. - San Francisco Chronicle, 23 Feb 1879

He's also referred to as 'R. Searle' in the original reports. - MF

In the early part of 1879 one of the first races was held in this city at Twenty-fifth and Folsom streets, and was won by Mr. Searles, with G. Loring Cunningham second.

THE CYCLING WORLD - OLD TIME RACING MEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, Sat, Jul 8, 1893