John F. Burke

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California Cycling Club

Also referred to as John F. Burk.

The next run of the California Cycling Club will be to Mount Tamalpais. Captain Burke expects a large attendance on this run. The boys have been cooped up so long by muddy roads that they will be glad of a chance to once more resume their favorite sport.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle - 05 Jan 1895, Sat - Page 12

The California Cycling Club will hold another club mile race at Central Park at 9 A. M. to-morrow. The club will also turn out in full force in the parade to be held in Oakland next Tuesday night. Captain Burke has called a club run to Santa Cruz, leaving the clubrooms next Saturday afternoon, May 4, at 5:80 P. M.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 27 Apr 1895

Acting on the suggestion I made in the CALL Thursday, Captain Burke has again postponed the picnic run of the California Associated Cycling Clubs scheduled for Niles on June 16, as every one seemed more inclined to go to Santa Cruz. The run will doubtless come off the following Sunday, however, June 23, when a large crowd is assured.

THE WHEELMEN - The San Francisco Call, 01 Jun 1895

The California Cycling Club held the final of the one mile handicap club races yesterday at the Central Park track at 9:30 A. M. The starters were: Harvey, scratch; Struven, 60 yards; Thiesen, 80; Sternberg, 130; Birdsall, 140. The race was won by Birdsall in 2 min. 17 secs., Sternberg second, Struven third. Harvey could not overtake any of the limit men,

After the race about forty of the club members took a ride down to the Crystal Springs lakes under Captain Burke.

NEW FIVE-MILE RECORD. - Charles S. Wells' Fast Ride Over the San Mateo Course - The San Francisco Call, 10 Jun 1895

All clubs not members of the association who desired to attend were cordially invited, and the following availed themselves of the opportunity: Eintracht Cycling Club, Golden Gate Cycling Club. Liberty Cycling Club, National Road Club, Outing Road Club, Pacific Cycling Club, Sunset Cycling Club, San Francisco Road Club. Captain John F. Burk of the Californias had charge of the run and was ably assisted by the captains of all the other clubs.

CYCLING RUN TO NILES - San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 24, 24 June 1895

The California Cycling Club will hold the final of three one-mile handicap club races to-morrow morning at the Central Park track at 9:30 o'clock. Those who have qualified in the previous races for this final, and their handicaps are: J. W. Harvey, scratch; F. Struven 80 yards, A. Theisen 100, W. Sternberg 135, T. Wall 150, C. Birdsall 160. After the race Captain Burk has called a run over the San Mateo five-mile course, returning via the Spring Valley lakes, a very pretty ride. On June 23 the club will hold a road race over this course for members only; entries must be sent to Captain Burk by June 11.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 08 Jun 1895