L. D. Munger

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Louis de Franklin Munger 7 Apr 1864 - 29 Jul 1929




I first knew Chairman Howard E. Raymond of the National Racing Board when he was one of the strong road riders of the Brooklyn Bicycle Club. I believe at that time he was Captain. The first official position I remember his occupying was that of timer at the Buffalo tournament of 1890, when Van Waggoner won the 100-mile road race. He made an excellent timer, though I believe he got caught that day on the fake telegram gotten up by "Birdie" Munger, announcing Austin Crooks as running away from the great Van Waggoner and being hours ahead of the world's record, though thirty miles from the finish.

A LOS ANGELES WHEELMAN. - Fox Will Represent Southern California at the Fair Races. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Apr 1894

Birdie Munger

Sobriquet used by Steve New

Louis de Franklin "Birdie" Munger is most famous today for his association with Major Taylor. However Birdie was also notable on his own.




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"Louis (Birdie) de Franklin Munger (b.1863 – d. 1929) was born in Detroit, Michigan sometime during 1863 to Theodore and Mary Jane Pattee Munger, two native Canadians who had emigrated to the United States in 1859. The Mungers established a small farm in Black Hawk County, Iowa, but relocated to Windsor, Ontario, Canada shortly after Louis's birth.

The elder Munger eventually found work in the Detroit, Michigan patent office and in that capacity exposed young Louis to the world of invention. The 1880 US Census reveals that 16-year-old Munger was “working in a blind factory” but within two years his name began to appear as a contestant in regional high-wheel bicycle races. "

His name appears as a competitor at the July 1 CWA 1885 Meet at Woodstock Ontario. (The Meet at which A.T. Lane won the one mile tricycle race medal). A few days later 10 July 1885 he and five other top racers from the US took part in the 100 mile race from Coburg to Kingston known as the "Big Four Century Road Race". It was so called because it was part of a tour of Wheelmen from Chicago, Buffalo, Boston and New York. He finished second in this race despite a "fearful shake-up for Munger, who ran into a horse, or rather the horse backed into him. Forced thus to make a back dismount, and landing astride the backbone of his wheel, he was 'knocked out ' for the space of ten minutes".

Despite this shake up. Birdie also rode a High Wheel Bicycle across the US in 1886, founded bicycle manufacturing companies and eventually becoming wealthy as result of his tire patent.

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