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With San Francisco anglers there are two streams which at the opening of a new trout season are always first in mind. One is Paper Mill creek and the other the Lagunitas, which forms the headwaters of the Paper Mill. Both are situated in Marin county within short and convenient distance of the city, and to more popular streams could not be found. The Lagunitas is a most picturesque stream and has been a favorite with local anglers for years. It is some eight miles in length and has its source in Lagunitas lake, the property of the San Rafael Water Company. The lake is private property, and, although containing many fine trout, can only be fished under authority of a permit. As for the creek, that is public property, and in its rippling waters will many a line be wet during the season which is about to open.

About a mile from the lake the creek passes Liberty, a popular wayside resort where anglers are wont to spend the night if intending to make a trip through Lagunitas canyon, which commences a short distance below the hotel. This canyon is between five and six miles in length and is somewhat rough. An angler desiring to make the journey in comfort and in time to intercept the last train which passes Tank station at some thing like 6:30 P. M., should leave Liberty's not later than 5 A. M. On the way down the Lagunitas two streams are passed, the Big and Little Carson. Both these tributaries are small and run dry early in June. The San Geronimo, which joins the Lagunitas at the railroad bridge, is about two miles long. It does not carry any great volume of water, but early in the season contains some very nice fish.

From this point the Lagunitas becomes known as Paper Mill creek, a stream which is probably visited each year by more anglers than any other stream in the State. Experts without number have whipped the Paper Mill year after year, and yet with each recurring season fish are to be found in goodly numbers. The Paper Mill is paralleled by the San Francisco and North Pacific Coast Railroad for miles, and is accessible from a dozen points between the mouth of the Lagunitas and Tomales bay, near Point Reyes, where the waters of the Paper Mill are finally discharged. Parties desiring to fsh the Paper Mill can find excellent hotel accommodations either at Camp Taylor or Tocaloma, both of which places are immediately on the line of the railroad. From either place the angler can reach Olema creek, a small early stream, which always contains many small fish.

ANGLERS ARE HAPPY. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Mar 1895

Leave the train at Lagunitas station, better known as the "Wood Pile," and fish down the Carson to the Lagunitas and then either up stream or down to Camp Taylor; or go to San Rafael, take the Bolinas stage to Liberty, the headwaters of the Lagunitas, and fish down stream to the "Wood Pile," where you can take the return train. This is a ten m mile walk and can be finished in a manner, but it will take two days to fish it properly. It is a small stream at Fairfax and somewhat bushy, but is full of inviting pools and riffles.

The San Francisco Call, 26 Mar 1898

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