Oriental Cycling Club

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San Francisco, CA


"The uniform is black, with a star and crescent on the cap, and the club colors are red, white and orange."



A new bycicle [sic] club has been formed and called "The Razzle-Dazzle Bicycle Club of San Francisco." The officers are: President, H. E. Morken; Secretary, J. T. Haley; Treasurer, D. P. Dolan. The club has a membership of fourteen, and celebrated its organization by a moonlight run to San Jose, a few evenings ago.

Razzle-Dazzle Bicycle Club formed 24 Jun 1891, Wed The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com


Interesting Bicycle Races at Haight Street Park.

Only a small number of wheel enthusiasts witnessed the bicycle races at the Haight-street baseball grounds last evening. The events, though only two in number, were very interesting. In the first run of one mile for safeties only there were nine entries. G. Alcayaga and P. Brown of the Razzle Dazzle Club started fifteen feet behind the scratch and allowed handicaps as follows: A. Deitle, Razzle Dazzle Club, 45 feet; L. Vidy, Razzle Dazzle Club, 50 feet; P. Bréon, unattached, 55 feet; Goodell, unattached, 70 feet; Becket, unattached, 80 feet; T. Hall, unattached, 90 feet. They finished in the following order: Alcayaga. Deitle, Vidy and Brown, with the others straggling. The first prize, a pair of trousers, was awarded to Alcayaga, and Deitle was given the second prize, a pair of new shoes. Time, 3m. 8s.

The second race was a half-mile dash for an ordinary and two safeties. J. Liebert, D. Marshall and T. C. Dodge entered. Liebert, who rode the ordinary, allowed his opponents twenty yards. They finished in the following order: Marshall, Dodge, Liebert. Time, 1m. 35 1/2s.

ON THE WHEEL. Interesting Races at Haight-Street Park. - San Francisco Chronicle, 24 Jul 1891


The Razzle-Dazzle Club Has Changed Its Name.

The Razzle-dazzle Cycling Club of this city, at its recent meeting, changed its name to that of the Oriental Cycling Club. The next run will be to Point Reyes and Bolinas Bay, on Saturday evening. The participants will leave the city for San Rafael on the 7 o'clock evening boat. They will stop over night at San Rafael, from whence they will make an early start on Sunday morning. The club extends a cordial invitation to all attached and unattached wheelmen to attend. The organizers of the club are more than pleased at the manner in which the club is progressing, numerous applications for membership being received at each meeting.

The Razzle-dazzle Cycling Club has changed its name to Oriental Cycling Club 09 Aug 1891, Sun The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

The Oriental Cycling Club held a run yesterday to Petaluma. They left on the 8 o'clock boat for Sausalito and from there took the train for San Anselmo junction, which was the starting point of the run. Among those who participated were: D. P. Dolan, J. T. Haley, J. W. Behan, J. E. Paddock, M. H. McGrew, F. Hansen, J. C. Mollison, George March, A. A. Alcayaga, A. Diette and T. A. Vichy. Dolan, Paddock, McGrew, Hansen, March, Alcayaga, Diette and Vichy made the return trip.

Oriental Cycling Club held a run to Petaluma 31 Aug 1891, Mon San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com


The Oriental Cycling Club has elected the following officers: President, D. P. Dolan; Vice-President, J. E. Paddock; Captain, L. A. Vidy; First Lieutenant, M. H. McGrew; Second Lieutenant, M. A. Griffith: Recording Secretary, F. Hansen; Financial Secretary, J. A. Goodell; Treasurer, J. G. Vidy; Sergeant-at-Arms, J. W. Beahan; Color-bearer, W. de Guerre; Bugler, George Marsh.

The Oriental Cycling Club has elected the following officers... 02 Jan 1892, Sat The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

J. G. Letkens [spelling?] and Dan P. Dolan of the Oriental Cycling Club made the round trip to Camp Taylor yesterday, for which point a run had been called by the Orientals and postponed on account of the threatening aspect of the weather. They report the roads in fine condition.


The Oriental Cycling Club will at once secure rooms at 2107 Vallejo street. The club is the outgrowth of the "Razzle-Dazzles," and intends to make itself felt on the road this year.

The Wheelmen - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 Apr 1892

Although scarcely a year old the Oriental Bicycle Club of this city already holds an enviable position among local organizations of wheelmen. Its first meeting was held in June, 1891, and its growth has been constant and steady ever since. Over 50 members are now enrolled, and from present indications this number will be doubled before the end of the year. The location of the clubhouse on Pacific Heights having been found inconvenient, it is proposed to lease or build a cottage near the park, or on one of the main avenues to that popular pleasure resort. Among the "scorchers” belonging to the club, A. Alcayaga, L. A. Vidy, J. Leikins and L. Vidy [perhaps James Gabriel Vidy] are notable both for speed and endurance. Alcayaga has trained a little too hard for the Alameda races, and, although he is entered for the one mile State championship and the two-mile handicap, it is doubtful whether he will appear on the track in racing costume to-day. Were he in good form, however, he would not be found far behind the leaders. The Century run made by ten members of this club last Sunday is an event not to be overlooked, for better time has not heretofore been made by a similar number of riders belonging to one organization. As a popular member of the Orientals remarked the other day, "the boys don't go in for style, but they know how to ride.” The officers of the club are as follows: President, D. P. Dolan; secretary, F. Hansen; captain, L. A. Vidy; first lieutenant, W. McGrew; second lieutenant, M. Griffith. The uniform is black, with a star and crescent on the cap, and the club colors are red, white and orange.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Francisco Call, May 30, 1892