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Leon B. Thomas has resigned from the Olympic Club Wheelmen, and as he was a delegate to the Associated Clubs Stanley G. Scovern has been appointed to the place. Thomas will shortly open up a bicycle-renting establishment on Sixteenth street and Telegraph avenue, Oakland. Thomas was president of the famous “Our Set," which cut such a dash in cycling circles here last winter. Of the other three members Wilbur Knapp is selling bicycles, J. Fagothey has opened a cyclery near the park, and now Thomas is trying his luck at it. Now, to complete the thing, if the other member would go into the trade - "Billy" Stinson - but it is unlikely.

THE WHEELMEN. - J. E. Edwards Wants the World's Five-Mile Road Record. - The San Francisco Call, 18 May 1895

A private road race, the result of which will be watched with a good deal of interest by the wheelmen around the bay, will be run next Saturday afternoon. The distance is from Oakland to San Jose, and the competing teams are members of the B. L. O. Club and "Our Sett," two offshoots of the Olympic Club Wheelmen. Each club has four members, and there has been considerable friendly rivalry between them of late as to who were the fastest riders. A dispute on this point led to a challenge from the club with the mysterious initials, which "Our Sett" forthwith accepted. The members of the latter club are: Wilbur F. Knapp, W. H. Stinson, J. E. Fagothey and L. B. Thomas. The B. L. O. Club is composed of Fred R. Butz, James W. Coffroth, Thomas S. Mulvey and Joseph F. Coffey. Each man will pay an entrance fee, with which a suitable prize for the winning team will be purchased. As the entire eight have reputations as speedy road runners it is safe to say the pace will be a hot one from start to finish, and possibly the record from Oakland to San Jose of 2 hours and 13 minutes, made by O. L. Pickard, June 10, 1894, will be lowered.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 31 Aug 1895

The benefit for the California Associated Cycling Clubs will be held at the Columbia Theater next Thursday evening. The money derived from this source will be expended on prizes for the annual ten-mile road race to be held October 13, and therefore the theater party should be supported by all the cycling clubs. The Bay City Wheelmen, California, Imperial and Olympic Cyclers can be depended upon to take the largest blocks of seats, but the other clubs will all be represented, and will make up in enthusiasm what they lack in numbers. Not to attend this affair will be for a club to acknowledge that it is "not in it", but they'll all be there, so there's no fear of that. "Our Sett," the "Blow Club" and the "Thirteen Club" (minus Jimmy Joyce, who is East) will occupy box seats, as will the press and other cycling dignitaries.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 28 Sep 1895

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