Raisin City Cyclers

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Fresno, CA



Emblem & Uniform


The Raisin City Cyclers of Fresno have elected the following officers, directors and committeemen:

John McMullin, president; John Reichman, vice-president; B. J. Metzler, treasurer; A. Newhouse, secretary; Dr. A. J. Pedlar, captain; C. H. Markham and F. H. Freman, lieutenants.
Board of directors - Frank H. Short, Harry W. Skinner, B. J. Metzler, T. J. Hay, John McMullin, Dr. A. J. Pedlar, C. H. Markham, John Reichman and A. Newhonse.
Committee on good roads - James Porteous, George C. Roeding, Dr. T. M. Hayden, George W. Jones and A. Gartenlaub.

The club starts under auspicious circumstances, having a charter-roll of eighty-four members. Besides these, twenty-eight more were elected at the last meeting. R. M. Thompson is the local consul of the league at Fresno and will do all in his power to have the Raisin City Cyclers made a league club. Mr. Thompson is in the cycle business there and is very popular with all the riders.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call - August 29, 1896

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