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The San Francisco Bicycle Club held a very successful picnic run to Mill Valley yesterday. About 40 wheels went over, besides a number who went on the train. A fine lunch was spread, and every one seemed happy. Did Captain Pixley enjoy his lunch? Better not ask him unless you are armed. He went down to a farmhouse to get some milk, but when he got back there was not a crumb left, and he was confined to a milk diet. Some good scorching was done on the return trip. Scovern and Twitchell made the best time. These boys promise soon to be shining lights in the racing line.

Scovern and Twitchell made the best time. 13 Jun 1892, Mon The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California)

The 10-mile roadrace of the San Francisco Bicycle Club for a solid gold medal is attracting much attention. All the boys are working hard, and each one of about 15 of them is quite confident that this beautiful trophy will adorn bis manly breast after August 14. Among the likely ones are S. G. Scovern, Frank Twitchell, Stanley Clarkes, Bert Bernard, Will Pixley, Thomas H. B. Varney, John Beckett and John Gillis, but some dark horse may take the prize. It will be a hot contest from the start.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The Steady Growth of the New California Club. - Articles of Association of the Proposed Federation - The Enterprising Acmes - Sunday Runs - The San Francisco Call, 01 Aug 1892

Umpires — A. F. Esterbrook, A. B. and A. C.; S. G. Scovern, S. F. B. C.; E. S. Battles, S F. B. C.; J. Luby, S. F. B. C.; M. Griffiths, C. C. C.

San Francisco Call, Volume 73, Number 85, 23 February 1893 - RACING ON WHEELS - A Pacific Coast Record Broken.

Frank L. Hunter, the first lieutenant of the wheelmen, is satisfied to devote his energies almost exclusively to cycling, considering it the greatest of all sport. W. H. Haley, the second lieutenant, is perhaps the speediest rider in the club, and bids fair to develop into a great racing man. Lewis C. Hunter, the secretary of the wheelmen, is also secretary-treasurer of the California Associated Cycling Clubs, to which position he was elected at the meeting of the board of governors of the associated clubs held in this city on the 7th inst. Martin Espinosa, Edward Stack, J. A. R. Johnson, J. H. Ballin, O. A. Weihe, J. H. Dieckman Jr., F. L. Fuller, O. B. Burns, L. B. Thomas, H. C. Massie, L. H. Cox, W. R. Lovegrove, L. D. Owens, J. L. Fagothey, G. H. Stratton, S. G. Scovern, H. C Hahn, H. S. Russ, N. A. Robinson, J. M. Rogers, Henry Rogers, Harry Gibbs, J. W. Mullen, W. P. Fuller, T. C. Mastelller, Frank Twichell, Cress Unger and H. H. White are some of the prominent and active members of the wheelmen. Director J. R. McElroy is the presiding officer of the wheelmen, and represents them in the board of directors of the Olympic Club.

OLYMPIC CYCLISTS. Young Men Who Will Boom Wheeling. Some Reminiscences of the Sport. - Sat, Oct 14, 1893 - Page 10 - San Francisco Chronicle

Last Sunday a quartet of wheelmen, consisting of H. H. White, B. T. Edwards, S. G. Scovern and L. H. Cox, had an enjoyable ride through Moraga valley and Redwood canyon. A feature of this trip was the trial by Cox of attaching a heavy bough, plentifully sprinkled with limbs and leaves, to the rear of his wheel to act as a brake going down the Blue hill. He was successful beyond all expectations.

Stream Trail? Blue Hill 21 Jul 1894, Sat San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California)

There is little new in league affairs this week. The roadbook will soon be in the hands of the members. The Call Bicycle Club will join the league in a body, the members realizing the many benefits to be derived therefrom. F. M. Kerrigan and S. G. Scovern will be elected chief consul and secretary-treasurer respectively without material opposition, as they are unquestionably the best men for the respective positions. There is some talk of an opposition ticket headed by J. B. Lamkin, late president of the Garden City Cyclers, for chief consul, and Joseph A. Desimone of the same club for secretary-treasurer. These gentlemen would be foolish to allow themselves to be sacrificed in this manner, however, for it is generally admitted that Mr. Kerrigan and Mr. Scovern have enough votes and influence behind them to elect them by a handsome majority. There are 844 members of the league in this division, and most of them reside in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. The Acmes, Bay Citys and Olympics can be depended upon to support the Kerrigan-Scovern ticket to a man, and the unattached would be with them on account of Judge Kerrigan's popularity. Tell me, then, where would the Lamkin-Desimone ticket get any votes from, except their own club? They are both nice gentlemen, but have been nominated at the wrong time. In my opinion, it's all over but the shouting.

F. M. Kerrigan and S. G. Scovern will be elected chief consul and secretary-treasurer, respectively 05 Oct 1895, Sat The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California)

Bicycle Day, San Francisco and Oakland, Feb 27, 1916