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Thomas Humphrey Bennett Varney January 1854 – 4 November 1933

Bicycle Shops


At the large and well-equipped establishment of Thomas H. B. Varney, at 36 1/2, 42, 44 and 44 1/2 Fremont street, the reporter was courteously received by E. W. Adams, the gentlemanly manager of the bicycle department, who said:

"The rapid strides which the sport of bicycle-riding has made has caused much competition among manufacturers, and each one is striving to outdo the other in the line of improvements. Here, for instance, is the latest effort of the great Warwick Cycle Manufacturing Company of Springfield, Mass. It is called the Warwick Perfection Safety, and does not belie its name, combining strength with simplicity and having the advantage over all other cycles of being equally well adapted for the use of either ladies or gentlemen. By simply removing one brace it is converted immediately into a very handsome ladies' wheel. This wheel can be recommended as the best machine in the market for family use, as either husband or wife can ride it, and there is a basket attachment for the baby.

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"Then here is another wheel which will certainly commend itself to all. It is the Victor Safety, manufactured by the Overman Wheel Company of Chicopee Falls, Mass., and has one great advantage over any wheel manufactured that is that the fork itself is a spring, and the wheel is thus rendered the easiest riding one in existence over rough roads. Instead of the force of a jolt falling on the whole machine and the rider, as in the case of those which have rigid forks, in this case it falls on the springs, and the wheel glides smoothly and easily over the obstruction. Besides these wheels we have a fine line of ordinary bicycles and a bicycle for boys or girls, which is a splendid machine. In fact, we carry everything in the cycling line for young and old of either sex.

"In connection with this department we have a riding school, where both ladies and gentlemen can be taught to ride in a short time. In the rear there are commodious dressing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, where our patrons can arrange their dress before and after riding. Women learn to ride much easier than men, for the simple reason that they are more willing to be taught. Bicycles are great things for letter and paper carriers if they only knew it, and I recently sold every carrier in Fresno a bicycle to deliver his letters on, and they now get through their work very much quicker and easier than they formerly did. Los Angeles letter-carriers do their work on bicycles. They are cheaper, safer, more comfortable and more healthy than horses, and if properly cared for will last for years. The best bicycles now manufactured are American machines, and this has been repeatedly demonstrated in races, etc."

Mr. Adams is the champion amateur trick rider of the Pacific Coast, and is a practical bicyclist. His experience makes him a valuable assistant to those who wish to learn to ride. Thomas H. B. Varney is well known to the public as an energetic, upright business man, who always deals in the best, and who can be relied upon to do right by his patrons.

CYCLES AND CYCLERS. - A Sport Which is Fast Becoming Popular on This Coast. - The San Francisco Examiner, 03 Aug 1890

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