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At present there appears to be a great deal of doubt concerning the measurement of San Mateo course. To verify the survey recently made by the San Francisco Young Men's Christian Association Cycling Club, the club had it remeasured yesterday and has placed a sign at the beginning and ending, and a sign after each mile, so that no future mistakes are apt to occur.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Jun 1895

The California Cycling Club will hold a five-mile handicap road race on Sunday, June 16th, over the San Mateo course, starting at 2 P. M. H. F. Wynne will handicap the racers.


The Golden Gate Cycling Club will hold its initial five-mile handicap road race on Sunday, June 30th over the San Mateo course. Messrs. Siebe, Quadt, Maass, Stiegler, Schwartz, Fenstermacher, Dwyer and Holler have been entered, and are actively training. The prizes are of such exceptionally high value that it will prove a most spirited race. A large entry list is assured. The first prize consists of a high-grade bicycle, the second prize a $40 suit of clothes and the third prize a complete club uniform. This is perhaps the first time on record where a club has offered a bicycle as a prize in a road race, and it will undoubtedly spur the riders to such an extent that a world's record may be in store for them.


The racers always chose the straightaway stretch of road from San Mateo to San Carlos when competing in five-mile races, and there will be four run off there to-morrow, by the Eintracht Cyclers, the Royal Cycling Club, the San Francisco Road Club, and the last by the employes of various establishments at Butchertown who have the cycling fever.


Captain L. L. Korn has called a moonlight run of the San Francisco Road Club to San Jose, leaving the corner of Seventh and Market streets at 11 o'clock to-night. C. S. Wells, the Bay City Wheelmen's crack racer, will try for the five-mile world s road record to-morrow over the San Mateo course. He will be paced by several tandems in his attempt.

The Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Call, 20 Jul 1895