L. L. Korn

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Leopold L Korn 1873 - 09 Apr 1922


Captain L. L. Korn of the San Francisco Road Club announces a run to-morrow to Petaluma, taking the 8 A. M. Tiburon ferry. Members will assemble at Seventh and Market streets promptly at 7:30. This is a new and active club, of which Ed Sands is the president.

The Wheelmen - The San Francisco Call, 25 May 1895

The San Francisco Road Club will have a pleasant run to San Jose to-night by moonlight. Captain L. L. Korn requests the members to assemble at Seventh and Market streets to-night at 11 o'clock sharp. An easy pace will be set, and the ride should prove very enjoyable.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 08 Jun 1895

Captain L. L. Korn has called a run of the San Francisco Road Club to Lake Chabot for to-morrow. Members will assemble at the clubrooms, 722 Golden Gate avenue, at 8:30 a. m. sharp.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 15, 15 June 1895

The moonlight parade of wheelmen to Columbia square created something of a sensation and was watched by hundreds. The parade was divided into two divisions, the northern under command of Captain L. L. Korn of the San Francisco Road Club, and the southern under command of Captain J. F. Burk of the California Cycling Club. The northern division marched from Golden Gate avenue and Franklin street down Golden Gate avenue to Market; to Third, to Howard, to Sixth, to Folsom, to Columbia square. The southern division marched from Folsom and Twenty-second streets down Folsom to Twentieth, to Shotwell, to Fourteenth, to Howard, to Russ, to Folsom, to Columbia square. In the lines were the following clubs: Waverly, Crescent, Pathfinder, Outing, Golden Gate, Sunset, Lowell High School, California, Liberty, South Side, Polytechnic, Monarch, Alpha, Camera, San Francisco Road, Imperial, Bay City and Royal.

AN APPEAL FOR BITUMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, 06 Sep 1895