Second Tournament of the Bay City Wheelmen - The San Francisco Examiner, 26 Jul 1885

From Wooljersey


Second Tournament of the Bay City Wheelmen.

The second tournament of the Bay City wheelmen was held last night at the Mechanics' Pavilion with successful results. The following events were contested:

Seventy-five yard handicap race - E. B. Freeze, 9 feet, first, in 8 seconds. Seventy-five yard slow bicycle race - W. H. Gibbons first, in 2:16), and W. M. Meeker second. Two-mile handicap bicycle race - T. L. Hill, scratch, first, in 6:47-1/2; M. Berolzhime, 25 yards, second. One-mile handicap walk - C. B. Hill, scratch, first in; F. W. Barr, 150 yards, second. One mile handicap bicycle race for boys - George Dixson, 75 yards. first, in 3:12-1/2: M. Berolzhime, scratch, second. Two-mile handicap bicycle race - E. Fahrbach, 50 yards, first and last, in 7:09. Four-hundred-and-forty-yard handicap - James O'Kane and B. A. Benjamin, dead heat in 571 seconds. Subsequently won by the former, Benjamin not contesting; no time. F. R. Cook rode two miles in 6:25. One mile scratch bicycle race - W. G. Davis first, in 3:08; E. Mohrig, second. One mile novice bicycle race - E. Fahrbach, first and last in 3:27. One mile handicap run - W. A. Scott, scratch: first in 4:49; C. B. Hill, second. Five mile handicap bicycle race - W. G. Davis, 60 yards, first in 16:23; J. E. Gibson, 75 yards, second.