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Mile L. A. W. State championship - . E. Adcock, B. C. W.; Charles Beiderman, unattached; R. C. Woodworth, Los Angeles Wheelmen; William G. Davis, San Francisco Bicycle Club.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 27 Jun 1887

W. G. Davis, ex-San Francisco Bicycle Club, was, before the advent of Elwell, the greatest spurter of the coast. He was a very pretty rider, seeming to move along without any apparent exertion. He has not held many records, but has won innumerable races. On July 4, 1888, at Stockton, Davis made the best race of his life, riding second to Elwell in the mile championship in 2:48 1/2. So very close, however, was he riding that many thought he had won the race, and great excitement prevailed until the decision of the judges was finally announced, giving the race to Elwell. Davis is one of the very few men who has ever defeated Elwell.

THE CYCLING WORLD - OLD TIME RACING MEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, Sat, Jul 8, 1893

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