THE WHEEL. - Bay City Wheelmen's picnic run to Lake Honda - The San Francisco Call, Apr 20, 1890

From Wooljersey


Brewster's Resignation From the San Francisco Club.

Henry Schuler, Edward Lee and J. J. Vidy started to make the trip to San Jose from the corner of Haight and Stanyan streets last Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock. After passing Belmont Lee was compelled to return. Schuler kept on, however, with Vidy, who joined at Belmont, and reached the starting point at 6:30 o'clock in the evening, making the round trip in thirteen hours and five minutes. Vidy met with a slight accident after leaving San Jose. He attempted to run through a band of sheep, which was being driven along the road. The bellwether butted him of his machine, but he escaped without serious damage. The same party contemplates another trip next month as far as Santa Cruz.

The Bay City Wheelmen's picnic run to Lake Honda last Sunday was a great success. There were about seventy riders, an unusually large attendance. The roads were in good shape, and as the pace was not too hot for the newer men, every one enjoyed the ride and afterward the splendid lunch that had been prepared. Cyclists were present from Oakland, Stockton and San Jose.

Every wheelman in the city who knows Captain Frank Manning of the San Francisco club, will be sorry for the affliction that befell him on Friday in the loss of his father, who was killed at his home in Sonoma County. Frank left yesterday to be present at the funeral. His absence from the city is indefinite and the riders of the San Francisco club will miss him.

Among the seven members of the Vineyard Valley Cyclists of Napa, only one rides an ordinary. The others are all mounted on "goats."

Tom Cobden says Jo-Jo, the dog-faced man, rides a safety, and that he is going to pilot him around the park this morning.

Among the half-hundred cyclists who, under the leadership of Chief Consul Elwell of Portland, Maine, will start on a tour of Europe next June, only one will be from the Pacific Coast. That one will be Bert F. Lucas of Monmouth, Oregon.

At the recent meeting of the San Francisco Club, the resignation of C. Union Brewster, which had been laid over at the previous meeting, was accepted.

Von Schmidt of the Palm Leaf Wheelmen of Fresno and two companions arrived in this city last night, after making this trip all the way through the San Joaquin Valley on wheels. They had rather a hard time of it during the last part of the present week, but the trip as a whole was a pleasant one. The three gentlemen are making a tour of the State awheel, and after a rest of a day or two in this city will again start out.