The Bicycle - The San Francisco Examiner, 29 Nov 1886

From Wooljersey

The Bicycle.

The road race was won as expected by F. D. Elwell in 1:37 2-5 with L. R. Larzalere second in 1:37 4-5, and C. E. Adcock third. The first two laps were mostly ridden at an easy pace, but the pace improved at the beginning of the third lap and the last mile must have been ridden very near the three-minute mark; it was certainly the fastest mile ever ridden on the road in this state.

Since the race a number of people have been heard to ask, “Who is Adcock?" C. E. Adcock is a modest unassuming young man who has been known as a good road rider by his fellow club members for some time, but he proved much better than was expected, finishing 22 seconds behind two of the best riders in the State. He was the freshest man in.

A. S. Ireland of the Oakland team, who finished fourth in the road race, deserves credit for his plucky riding, he was the smallest rider in the race, his wheel being a 51-inch.

The Bay City Wheelmen will probably have a clubhouse in the early part of next year, as the members are working hard toward that end.

About 108 riders passed a point on the road leading to San Leandro, on the day of the race. but as all the racing men took the train that number does not represent all the wheelmen who were in San Leandro on that day.

F. D. Elwell is particularly proud of the basket of flowers he received marked "From the ladies to the lucky young man."