The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle - July 13, 1886

From Wooljersey

The Wheel.

A member of the Bay City Wheelmen's Club writes as follows: "The 4th and 5th of July were spent at San Jose by a portion of the Bay City Wheelmen boys, namely, Messrs. Smyth, Cole, Dan O'Callaghan and Robert R. Russ. They chose this splendid trip as their favorite place. H. Ehrenpfort ('the new rider') also made the entire distance, which is quite a pull for a new beginner; he got there just the same. The Bay City Wheelmen were advertised in the San Jose papers to participate in the parade, but there was no foundation for the statement, as the club knew nothing of it what ever; but the boys who were there did go in anyhow, namely, the four mentioned. The Oakland and San Jose boys, numbering thirty-five, also participated. The St. James Hotel was the boys' quarters. The start was made from the city side and return by way of Oakland.

The San Francisco Bicycle Club held a regular run on Sunday, taking the 9:15 A. M. creek boat to Oakland, wheeling thence to San Leandro and from there to Haywards, where they arrived at 11:30 o'clock. Lunch was served at the Haywards Hotel (the league hotel at that point) at 12:30 P. M. At 1:50 o'clock the bugle was sounded for the return trip, which was made vis Castro valley road. They arrived at Oakland in ample time for the 5:30 P. M. boat. The day across the bay was better than was anticipated on account of the bad outlook on this side in the morning.

The Bay City Wheelmen gave the first bicycle smoker in San Francisco on Saturday evening, July 10th. President Hill presided. During the evening medals were presented to the winners at the last race meet of the Bay City Wheelmen and Albion Athletic Club: Speeches, toasts, singing, etc., filled in the time. Among those who responded may be mentioned Charles Moore, Willam Davis, D. W. Donnelly, E. J. Mohrig, F. Johnston, Sam Booth Jr., Chief Consul R. M. Welch, and others.

S. F. Booth Jr., D. W. Donnelly of San Mateo and Dr. Hill have joined forces and intend issuing a monthly journal devoted to 'cycling. The first number will make its appearance about August 1st.

The maiden race at the coming meet, September 7th, will bring forward at least three promising riders - A. Callaghan, Joe Cox and Wood.

A twenty-five-mile road race is talked of to be held on the San Leandro road. The committee having the thing in charge want to make it an interclub affair, if teams could be secured from the San Francisco Bicycle Club, the Bay City Wheelmen and the Oakland Club the event is bound to be successful.