WHEELING SOUTH. - Oakland Tribune. 07 May 1887

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See also The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 02 May 1887.


Chief Consul Welch's Bicycle Trip to Los Angeles.

Robert M. Welch, Chief Consul of the California Division of the League of American Wheelmen, arrived in Los Angeles Monday evening haying ridden his bicycle all the way down from San Francisco. Mr. Welch has the honor of being the only Californian who has ever accomplished this heavy trip. The gentleman, who is domiciled at the Nadeau, kindly gave a Los Angeles Tribune reporter a synopsis of his journey.

"I left San Francisco Saturday afternoon, accompanied by Messrs. Blinn, Ireland, and Ruggles," he said. "We reached San Jose at 6 o'clock, where we remained for that night. Mr. Ruggles and myself started on our journey the next morning at 5:30, but at Soledad Mr. Ruggles broke his machine and I was thus robbed of company for the rest of the journey. I reached Gonzales that evening, making my best record on that day, having covered seventy-three and a half miles. Jolon was reached on Monday evening, this necessitating a ride over the San Antonio mountains. Next night found me at El Paso Robles, after having ridden fifty-one miles that day. My next halting place was Arroyo Grande. The roads in this vicinity were fairly good, but the climb over the San Luis Obispo mountains, which are rather steep, was severe. I had intended to make Ballards the stopping point for my next day's ride, but was unfortunate enough to go some fifteen miles out of my way, owing to an attempt to make a short cut over a seldom used path. I made Los Alamos that Friday evening, however. The country around there is of a sandy nature, and this made cycling downright hard work. Friday night I managed to reach Mountain House, which is fourteen miles the other side of Santa Barbara. I spent most of the next day in Santa Barbara with the wheelmen of that lovely town, who did all in their power to make my stay pleasant. I left Santa Barbara that evening and rode down to Carpenteria. I reached Springville next evening, having gone around by the coast road, which is very rugged and sandy, a combination disagreeable to a wheelman. Monday I rode sixty and one half miles, reaching your bustling city at 8 o'clock. The trip was thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

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