WHEEL WHIRLS. - Another Bicycle Club Has Been Organized in This City. - Oakland Tribune, June 24, 1891

From Wooljersey


Another Bicycle Club Has Been Organized in This City.

Interest among the 'cyclists is steadily increasing in the coming events at Stockton on the 4th of July, at which time the California division of the League will hold its annual meeting and races.

The Oakland Bicycle Club will be at Stockton in full force. The fact that the local club will be represented in the races by Frank Waller, the winner of the medal for fastest safety time at the recent San Leandro road race, at which time Waller broke the Pacific coast record for the distance, is sufficient to attract a good representation of Oakland wheelmen.

Cycling is steadily upon the increase in this city. The advent of the safety type of bicycle is the direct means of bringing a great many men to a due appreciation of the wheel as a practical, economical steed. The large cushion tires upon the victor-make of machine seem to be the favorite, and are to be seen upon every side.

A new cycling club has just been organized in Oakland, the Alameda County Wheelmen, and already has some thirty members enrolled. The leading spirits in this club are hustlers, and a large membership is sure to be the result at an early date.

About the hardest ride in this section of country is that from this city to the top of Mount Hamilton, twenty-eight miles beyond San Jose. Frank Waller accomplished this ride upon one of the large cushion-tired victor safeties last Sunday morning, a distance of 144 miles for the round trip, in the remarkable time of thirteen hours and ten minutes. Waller rode his wheel the entire distance, both up and down the mountain, and came into Oakland but little the worse for the run. Several Oakland men went by train to San Jose with the intention of racing him back to this city, but were unable to keep in the lead of this redoubtable rider even upon the return trip.